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SeasonDate Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Site H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
2020February 22, 202017TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 6067L6,290
2020February 18, 202017Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 6547W12,053
2020February 15, 202014Baylor1Ferrell CenterA 5970L10,305
2020February 12, 202014Kansas3WVU ColiseumH 4958L14,212
2020February 8, 202013Oklahoma Lloyd Noble CenterA 5969L8,484
2020February 5, 202013Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 7661W11,103
2020February 1, 202012Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 6657W14,224
2020January 29, 202012Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 8189L13,586
2020January 25, 202014Missouri WVU ColiseumH 7451W14,031
2020January 20, 202014Texas WVU ColiseumH 9759W12,592
2020January 18, 202012Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 6884L8,549
2020January 14, 202012TCU WVU ColiseumH 8149W11,445
2020January 11, 202017Texas Tech22WVU ColiseumH 6654W14,111
2020January 6, 202017Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 5541W6,764
2020January 4, 202016Kansas3Allen FieldhouseA 5360L16,300
2020December 29, 201922Ohio State2Rocket Mortgage FieldHouseN 6759W16,781
2020December 21, 201925Youngstown State Covelli CentreA 7564W3,614
2020December 14, 2019 Nicholls State WVU ColiseumH 8357W10,991
2020December 12, 2019 Austin Peay WVU ColiseumH 8453W9,987
2020December 7, 2019 St. John's Madison Square GardenA 6870L7,281
2020December 1, 2019 Rhode Island WVU ColiseumH 8681W10,973
2020November 27, 2019 Wichita State Hard Rock Hotel Riviera MayaN 7563W1,729
2020November 26, 2019 Northern Iowa Hard Rock Hotel Riviera MayaN 6055W1,478
2020November 22, 2019 Boston University WVU ColiseumH 6944W10,743
2020November 18, 2019 Northern Colorado WVU ColiseumH 6961W9,740
2020November 15, 2019 Pitt Petersen Events CenterA 6853W11,725
2020November 8, 2019 Akron WVU ColiseumH 9484W12,513
2019March 25, 2019 Coastal Carolina WVU ColiseumH 91109L6,775
2019March 20, 2019 Grand Canyon WVU ColiseumH 7763W5,313
2019March 15, 2019 Kansas17Sprint CenterN 7488L19,066
2019March 14, 2019 Texas Tech7Sprint CenterN 7974W18,927
2019March 13, 2019 Oklahoma Sprint CenterN 7271W18,858
2019March 9, 2019 Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 7785L7,279
2019March 6, 2019 Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 9075W10,354
2019March 2, 2019 Oklahoma Lloyd Noble CenterA 8092L7,921
2019February 26, 2019 TCU WVU ColiseumH310496W8,798
2019February 23, 2019 Baylor Ferrell CenterA 7582L6,262
2019February 18, 2019 Kansas State23WVU ColiseumH 5165L9,266
2019February 16, 2019 Kansas14Allen FieldhouseA 5378L16,300
2019February 9, 2019 Texas WVU ColiseumH 5375L12,815
2019February 4, 2019 Texas Tech18United Supermarkets ArenaA 5081L12,831
2019February 2, 2019 Oklahoma WVU ColiseumH 7971W11,611
2019January 30, 2019 Iowa State20Hilton ColiseumA 6893L14,252
2019January 26, 2019 Tennessee1Thompson-Boling ArenaA 6683L22,149
2019January 21, 2019 Baylor WVU ColiseumH 7385L9,936
2019January 19, 2019 Kansas7WVU ColiseumH 6564W12,657
2019January 15, 2019 TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 6798L6,734
2019January 12, 2019 Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 7785L11,339
2019January 9, 2019 Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 6971L9,590
2019January 5, 2019 Texas Frank Erwin CenterA 5461L9,195
2019January 2, 2019 Texas Tech11WVU ColiseumH 5962L10,358
2019December 30, 2018 Lehigh WVU ColiseumH 7868W10,754
2019December 22, 2018 Jacksonville State WVU ColiseumH 7472W8,231
2019December 16, 2018 Rhode Island Mohegan Sun ArenaN 7083L5,812
2019December 8, 2018 Pitt WVU ColiseumH 6959W13,670
2019December 4, 2018 Florida Madison Square GardenN 5666L8,499
2019December 1, 2018 Youngstown State WVU ColiseumH 10672W10,849
2019November 28, 2018 Rider WVU ColiseumH 9278W9,124
2019November 24, 2018 Valparaiso WVU ColiseumH 8876W9,188
2019November 18, 2018 Saint Joseph's HTC CenterN 9790W3,094
2019November 16, 2018 Western Kentucky HTC CenterN 5763L3,370
2019November 15, 2018 Monmouth HTC CenterN 7153W3,307
2019November 9, 201813Buffalo WVU ColiseumH19499L12,657
2018March 23, 201815Villanova2TD GardenN 7890L19,055
2018March 18, 201815Marshall Viejas ArenaN 9471W11,628
2018March 16, 201815Murray State Viejas ArenaN 8568W10,892
2018March 10, 201818Kansas9Sprint CenterN 7081L17,718
2018March 9, 201818Texas Tech14Sprint CenterN 6663W18,223
2018March 8, 201818Baylor Sprint CenterN 7865W17,653
2018March 3, 201820Texas Frank Erwin CenterA17987L11,364
2018February 26, 201820Texas Tech12WVU ColiseumH 8474W14,542
2018February 24, 201821Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 8570W14,205
2018February 20, 201821Baylor Ferrell CenterA 7160W7,519
2018February 17, 201820Kansas13Allen FieldhouseA 6977L16,300
2018February 12, 201820TCU WVU ColiseumH 8266W11,773
2018February 10, 201819Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 8588L13,057
2018February 5, 201819Oklahoma17Lloyd Noble CenterA 7573W10,650
2018February 3, 201815Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 8951W13,329
2018January 31, 201815Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 7793L14,219
2018January 27, 20187Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 7683L15,835
2018January 22, 20187TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 7382L7,368
2018January 20, 20186Texas WVU ColiseumH 8651W14,001
2018January 15, 20186Kansas10WVU ColiseumH 6671L14,115
2018January 13, 20182Texas Tech8United Supermarkets ArenaA 7172L15,098
2018January 9, 20182Baylor WVU ColiseumH 5754W12,551
2018January 6, 20186Oklahoma7WVU ColiseumH 8976W15,106
2018January 1, 20186Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7769W9,712
2018December 29, 20177Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 8579W8,257
2018December 23, 201710Fordham WVU ColiseumH 8669W11,296
2018December 20, 201710Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 7738W8,102
2018December 9, 201718Pitt Petersen Events CenterA 6960W7,748
2018December 5, 201718Virginia15WVU ColiseumH 6861W12,816
2018November 30, 201719NJIT WVU ColiseumH 10269W8,882
2018November 26, 201723Missouri HP Field HouseN 8379W2,591
2018November 24, 201723UCF HP Field HouseN 8345W2,834
2018November 23, 201723Marist HP Field HouseN 8478W3,348
2018November 20, 201723Long Beach State WVU ColiseumH 9162W8,676
2018November 18, 201724Morgan State WVU ColiseumH 11148W11,698
2018November 15, 201724American WVU ColiseumH 9864W9,180
2018November 11, 201711Texas A&M25Ramstein Air Base Hangar 5N 6588L3,128
2017March 23, 201713Gonzaga2SAP CenterN 5861L16,884
2017March 18, 201713Notre Dame14KeyBank CenterN 8371W19,261
2017March 16, 201713Bucknell KeyBank CenterN 8680W17,806
2017March 11, 201711Iowa State23Sprint CenterN 7480L18,972
2017March 10, 201711Kansas State Sprint CenterN 5150W18,972
2017March 9, 201711Texas Sprint CenterN 6353W18,972
2017March 3, 201710Iowa State24WVU ColiseumH 8776W14,528
2017February 27, 201710Baylor11Ferrell CenterA 6271L8,203
2017February 25, 201712TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 6160W6,486
2017February 20, 201712Texas WVU ColiseumH 7762W10,460
2017February 18, 20179Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH28374W14,150
2017February 13, 20179Kansas3Allen FieldhouseA18084L16,300
2017February 11, 201713Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 8566W14,074
2017February 8, 201713Oklahoma Lloyd Noble CenterA 6150W8,608
2017February 4, 20177Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 7582L14,225
2017January 31, 20177Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 8572W14,384
2017January 28, 201718Texas A&M WVU ColiseumH 8177W12,836
2017January 24, 201718Kansas2WVU ColiseumH 8569W13,694
2017January 21, 20177Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7579L12,528
2017January 18, 20177Oklahoma WVU ColiseumH18789L11,895
2017January 14, 201710Texas Erwin CenterA 7472W10,751
2017January 10, 201710Baylor1WVU ColiseumH 8968W14,632
2017January 7, 20177TCU WVU ColiseumH 8270W12,568
2017January 3, 20177Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA17677L10,013
2017December 30, 201611Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 9275W13,611
2017December 23, 201611Northern Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 9261W10,197
2017December 20, 201611Radford WVU ColiseumH 8457W8,311
2017December 17, 201612UMKC WVU ColiseumH 11267W8,800
2017December 10, 201615VMI WVU ColiseumH 9055W9,023
2017December 7, 201615Western Carolina Charleston Civic CenterN 9037W8,384
2017December 3, 201625Virginia6John Paul Jones ArenaA 6657W14,623
2017November 28, 201625Manhattan WVU ColiseumH 10861W8,190
2017November 25, 201619Temple Barclays CenterN 7781L3,713
2017November 24, 201619Illinois Barclays CenterN 8957W2,451
2017November 20, 201619New Hampshire WVU ColiseumH 10041W8,842
2017November 14, 201619Mississippi Valley State WVU ColiseumH 10766W7,807
2017November 11, 201620Mount St. Mary's WVU ColiseumH 8759W10,510
2016March 18, 20168Stephen F. Austin Barclays CenterN 5670L17,502
2016March 12, 20169Kansas1Sprint CenterN 7181L19,046
2016March 11, 20169Oklahoma6Sprint CenterN 6967W18,972
2016March 10, 20169TCU Sprint CenterN 8666W18,972
2016March 5, 201610Baylor19Ferrell CenterA 6958W7,629
2016March 2, 201610Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 9068W12,680
2016February 27, 201614Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 7056W5,539
2016February 22, 201614Iowa State17WVU ColiseumH 9787W10,683
2016February 20, 201610Oklahoma3WVU ColiseumH 6276L15,289
2016February 16, 201610Texas24Erwin CenterA 7885L12,284
2016February 13, 201610TCU WVU ColiseumH 7342W13,137
2016February 9, 201610Kansas6Allen FieldhouseA 6575L16,300
2016February 6, 201614Baylor15WVU ColiseumH 8069W14,069
2016February 2, 201614Iowa State13Hilton ColiseumA 8176W14,384
2016January 30, 20169Florida O'Connell CenterA 7188L11,611
2016January 26, 20169Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 7055W9,936
2016January 23, 20166Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 8076W10,732
2016January 20, 20166Texas WVU ColiseumH 4956L9,881
2016January 16, 201611Oklahoma2Lloyd Noble CenterA 6870L11,933
2016January 12, 201611Kansas1WVU ColiseumH 7463W12,097
2016January 9, 201617Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 7760W11,219
2016January 4, 201617TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 9587W4,739
2016January 2, 201619Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA28783W12,270
2016December 30, 201519Virginia Tech Cassell ColiseumA 8863W9,567
2016December 21, 201519Eastern Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 8459W8,121
2016December 17, 201520Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 8668W11,748
2016December 13, 201514Louisiana-Monroe WVU ColiseumH 10058W8,323
2016December 8, 201514Virginia10Madison Square GardenN 5470L19,812
2016December 5, 201520Kennesaw State WVU ColiseumH 8754W8,731
2016November 27, 2015 San Diego State Orleans ArenaN 7250W3,245
2016November 26, 2015 Richmond Orleans ArenaN 6759W3,125
2016November 23, 2015 Bethune-Cookman WVU ColiseumH 9744W6,196
2016November 20, 2015 Stetson WVU ColiseumH 10362W8,268
2016November 16, 2015 James Madison Charleston Civic CenterN 8673W8,101
2016November 13, 2015 Northern Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 10761W10,120
2015March 26, 201518Kentucky1Quicken Loans ArenaN 3978L19,465
2015March 22, 201518Maryland8Nationwide ArenaN 6959W19,115
2015March 20, 201518Buffalo Nationwide ArenaN 6862W18,417
2015March 12, 201518Baylor16Sprint CenterN 7080L18,972
2015March 7, 201520Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 8172W13,714
2015March 3, 201520Kansas9Allen FieldhouseA16976L16,300
2015February 28, 201520Baylor19Ferrell CenterA 6678L9,385
2015February 24, 201520Texas WVU ColiseumH 7164W12,048
2015February 21, 201523Oklahoma State22Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 7363W8,610
2015February 16, 201523Kansas8WVU ColiseumH 6261W7,033
2015February 14, 201521Iowa State14Hilton ColiseumA 5979L14,384
2015February 11, 201521Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 7672W8,762
2015February 7, 201515Baylor19WVU ColiseumH 6987L12,783
2015February 3, 201515Oklahoma21Lloyd Noble CenterA 5271L10,154
2015January 31, 201517Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 7758W12,192
2015January 27, 201517Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 6559W12,528
2015January 24, 201518TCU WVU ColiseumH18685W12,756
2015January 17, 201516Texas20Erwin CenterA 5077L13,204
2015January 13, 201516Oklahoma18WVU ColiseumH 8665W9,196
2015January 10, 201514Iowa State17WVU ColiseumH 7274L12,076
2015January 5, 201514Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 7867W6,073
2015January 3, 201517TCU Wilkerson-Greines ACA 7867W4,918
2015December 30, 201417Virginia Tech WVU ColiseumH 8251W13,330
2015December 22, 201418Wofford WVU ColiseumH 7744W7,897
2015December 20, 201422North Carolina State Madison Square GardenN 8369W8,088
2015December 14, 201422Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 6966W10,749
2015December 7, 201416Northern Kentucky Bank of Kentucky CenterA 6742W5,089
2015December 4, 201416LSU WVU ColiseumH 7374L10,802