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SeasonDate Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Site H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
1958January 2, 19581Canisius Mountaineer Field HouseH 8666W6,800
1958January 4, 19581Washington & Lee Mountaineer Field HouseH 10071W6,800
1958January 8, 19581Villanova PalestraA 7675W8,000
1958January 11, 19581George Washington Mountaineer Field HouseH 9366W6,800
1958January 15, 19581Pitt Fitzgerald Field HouseA 7164W5,168
1958January 25, 19581Furman Memorial AuditoriumA 10984W4,000
1958January 27, 19581Duke Cameron Indoor StadiumA 6872L7,800
1958January 31, 19581Florida State Mountaineer Field HouseH 10351W6,800
1958February 6, 19581St. John's Madison Square GardenA 8778W10,142
1958February 8, 19581Richmond Richmond ArenaA 7260W4,591
1958February 10, 19581William & Mary Mountaineer Field HouseH 8268W6,200
1958March 11, 19581Manhattan Madison Square GardenN 8489L13,019
1958February 12, 19582VMI Bluefield AuditoriumN 10458W3,000
1958February 15, 19582Penn State Recreation HallA 7471W6,200
1958February 17, 19582Detroit Mountaineer Field HouseH 9866W6,500
1958March 1, 19582George Washington Uline GymA2113107W5,700
1958March 6, 19582Davidson Richmond ArenaN 9161W2,354
1958March 7, 19582Richmond Richmond ArenaN 8170W4,634
1958March 8, 19582William & Mary Richmond ArenaN 7458W4,565
1960December 28, 19592Stanford L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaN 6647W5,747
1960December 29, 19592UCLA L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaA 8773W10,295
2018January 9, 20182Baylor WVU ColiseumH 5754W12,551
1960December 30, 19592California3L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaN 4565L13,024
2018January 13, 20182Texas Tech8United Supermarkets ArenaA 7172L15,098
1958February 22, 19583Pitt Mountaineer Field HouseH 9986W6,800
1960January 5, 19603Furman Mountaineer Field HouseH 9579W6,000
1960January 9, 19603Penn State Recreation HallA 7573W6,000
1960January 11, 19603William & Mary Mountaineer Field HouseH 9474W6,000
1960January 13, 19603Virginia Charleston Civic CenterN 10281W6,200
1963December 4, 19623VMI Charleston Civic CenterN 10074W5,600
1963December 8, 19623Ohio State A 6976L13,497
1960January 16, 19603Villanova9Mountaineer Field HouseH 8981W6,800
1957December 28, 19564Utah Reynolds ColiseumN 6683L12,400
1957December 29, 19564Iowa Reynolds ColiseumN 7679L12,400
1959December 9, 19584Citadel Mountaineer Field HouseH 8961W4,800
1959December 12, 19584Duke Mountaineer Field HouseH 10163W6,800
1959December 13, 19584Virginia Charleston Civic CenterN 7275L6,400
1960January 27, 19604Pitt Fitzgerald Field HouseA 7666W5,331
1960January 30, 19604William & Mary A 8694L3,250
1960February 1, 19604VMI N 10171W3,000
1957December 27, 19564Duke9Reynolds ColiseumN 6773L10,000
1960February 6, 19605George Washington Mountaineer Field HouseH 10179W6,800
1960February 8, 19605New York University Mountaineer Field HouseH 9869W6,800
1960February 11, 19605St. John's Madison Square GardenA 7379L14,967
1960February 13, 19605Richmond Richmond ArenaA 10357W2,977
1960February 17, 19605George Washington A 9397L6,400
1960February 20, 19605Pitt Mountaineer Field HouseH 8975W6,800
1960March 8, 19605Navy Madison Square GardenN 9486W15,037
1960March 12, 19605Saint Joseph's Charlotte ColiseumN 106100W11,666
1963December 1, 19625Citadel Mountaineer Field HouseH 8661W6,500
2010February 8, 20105Villanova4WVU ColiseumH 7582L15,593
1959December 29, 19585Tennessee11Armory-FieldhouseA 7672W6,000
1959December 27, 19585Northwestern12Chicago StadiumA2109118L12,775
1960March 11, 19605New York University12Charlotte ColiseumN18182L11,666
2010February 12, 20105Pitt25Petersen Events CenterA39598L12,902
1963December 11, 19626Richmond Mountaineer Field HouseH 7859W4,800
1963January 28, 19636Furman Memorial AuditoriumA 5859L4,123
1982February 24, 19826Pitt WVU ColiseumH 8277W16,704
1982February 27, 19826Rutgers Rutgers Athletic CenterA 6474L9,000
1982March 1, 19826Massachusetts WVU ColiseumH 9170W12,757
2010December 9, 20096Duquesne WVU ColiseumH 6839W9,835
2010December 12, 20096Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 6943W10,121
2010December 19, 20096Cleveland State Wolstein CenterA 8078W5,105
2010December 26, 20096Seton Hall Prudential CenterA19084W9,800
2010December 29, 20096Marquette WVU ColiseumH 6362W12,872
2010February 6, 20106St. John's Madison Square GardenA 7960W6,157
2010March 19, 20106Morgan State HSBC ArenaN 7750W18,653
2010March 21, 20106Missouri HSBC ArenaN 6859W18,934
2010March 25, 20106Washington Carrier DomeN 6956W22,271
2016January 20, 20166Texas WVU ColiseumH 4956L9,881
2016January 23, 20166Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 8076W10,732
2018January 1, 20186Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7769W9,712
2018January 20, 20186Texas WVU ColiseumH 8651W14,001
2010March 27, 20106Kentucky2Carrier DomeN 7366W22,497
2010April 3, 20106Duke3Lucas Oil StadiumN 5778L71,298
1963January 26, 19636Duke4Cameron Indoor StadiumA 71111L9,000
2010January 1, 20106Purdue4Mackey ArenaA 6277L14,123
2018January 6, 20186Oklahoma7WVU ColiseumH 8976W15,106
2018January 15, 20186Kansas10WVU ColiseumH 6671L14,115
2010December 23, 20096Ole Miss15WVU ColiseumH 7666W11,139
2010February 3, 20106Pitt22WVU ColiseumH 7051W15,419
1959December 16, 19587Richmond Richmond ArenaA 9867W5,000
1959December 19, 19587Oklahoma State Memorial ColiseumN 6749W9,800
1960February 25, 19607VMI Richmond ArenaN 9083W3,902
1960February 26, 19607William & Mary Richmond ArenaN 11783W5,290
1960February 27, 19607Virginia Tech Richmond ArenaN 8272W5,381
1962December 27, 19617Utah L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaN 8384L10,332
1962December 30, 19617Army L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaN 7358W12,871
1963December 21, 19627Oregon State Memorial ColiseumN 7065W11,400
2010March 11, 20107Cincinnati Madison Square GardenN 5451W19,375
2010March 12, 20107Notre Dame Madison Square GardenN 5351W19,375
2017January 3, 20177Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA17677L10,013
2017January 7, 20177TCU WVU ColiseumH 8270W12,568
2017January 18, 20177Oklahoma WVU ColiseumH18789L11,895
2017January 21, 20177Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7579L12,528
2017January 31, 20177Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 8572W14,384
2017February 4, 20177Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 7582L14,225
2018December 29, 20177Oklahoma State Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 8579W8,257
2018January 22, 20187TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 7382L7,368
2018January 27, 20187Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 7683L15,835
1959December 20, 19587Kentucky2Memorial ColiseumA 9197L11,700
1962December 28, 19617Purdue9L.A. Memorial Sports ArenaN 7986L8,007
1963December 22, 19627Kentucky9Memorial ColiseumA 7579L11,750
1957March 12, 19577Canisius20Madison Square GardenN 5664L16,589
2010March 13, 20107Georgetown22Madison Square GardenN 6058W19,375
1957December 18, 19568Richmond Mountaineer Field HouseH 10574W5,400
1958December 11, 19578Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseH 8450W6,500
1958December 13, 19578William & Mary Logan Memorial Field HouseN 6852W3,000
1958December 14, 19578Washington & Lee Soldiers and Sailors Memorial BuildingN 7469W3,200
1961March 2, 19618VMI Richmond ArenaA 8971W4,262
1961March 3, 19618William & Mary Richmond ArenaA 7688L4,880
2010November 15, 20098Loyola, MD WVU ColiseumH 8360W8,316
2010November 24, 20098Citadel Charleston Civic CenterN 6950W12,348
2010November 26, 20098Long Beach State Anaheim Convention CenterN 8562W2,117
2010November 27, 20098Texas A&M Anaheim Convention CenterN 7366W2,067
2010November 29, 20098Portland Anaheim Convention CenterN 8466W2,057
2010January 6, 20108Rutgers WVU ColiseumH 8652W9,586
2010January 9, 20108Notre Dame Joyce CenterA 6870L9,149
2010February 17, 20108Providence Dunkin' Donuts CenterA 8874W8,553
2010February 20, 20108Seton Hall WVU ColiseumH 7563W11,816
2010February 22, 20108Connecticut XL CenterA 6273L15,082
2010February 27, 20108Cincinnati WVU ColiseumH 7468W12,598
2016March 18, 20168Stephen F. Austin Barclays CenterN 5670L17,502
1958December 21, 19578North Carolina1Memorial ColiseumN 7564W10,980
1958December 20, 19578Kentucky5Memorial ColiseumA 7770W9,976
1957December 22, 19568North Carolina State19Mountaineer Field HouseH 10779W5,800
1958December 17, 19578Richmond19Mountaineer Field HouseH17674W6,700
1952January 26, 19529Bethany Mountaineer Field HouseH 6942W4,800
1952March 6, 19529William & Mary Reynolds ColiseumN 7764W11,100
1959February 12, 19599New York University Madison Square GardenA17072L6,385
1959February 14, 19599Richmond Richmond ArenaA 6462W4,002
1959February 16, 19599VMI Mountaineer Field HouseH 9955W4,000
1961February 21, 19619Penn State Recreation HallA 7168W4,000
1961February 25, 19619George Washington Mountaineer Field HouseH 10490W6,800
1963January 8, 19639Davidson Mountaineer Field HouseH 8973W6,200
1963January 12, 19639George Washington A 10097W6,000
1982February 18, 19829Stetson WVU ColiseumH 6860W13,491
1982February 20, 19829George Washington WVU ColiseumH 5237W14,853
1982March 4, 19829St. Bonaventure Pittsburgh Civic ArenaN 8065W13,776
1982March 6, 19829Pitt Pittsburgh Civic ArenaN 7279L16,056
2006January 25, 20069Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 5258L12,500
2006January 29, 20069St. John's Madison Square GardenA 6661W7,236
2010January 26, 20109DePaul Allstate ArenaA 6246W8,498
2010January 30, 20109Louisville WVU ColiseumH 7774W12,471
2016January 26, 20169Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 7055W9,936
2016January 30, 20169Florida O'Connell CenterA 7188L11,611
2016March 10, 20169TCU Sprint CenterN 8666W18,972
2017February 18, 20179Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH28374W14,150
2016March 12, 20169Kansas1Sprint CenterN 7181L19,046
2017February 13, 20179Kansas3Allen FieldhouseA18084L16,300
2016March 11, 20169Oklahoma6Sprint CenterN 6967W18,972
1952March 7, 19529Duke12Reynolds ColiseumN 8890L12,500
2006February 9, 20069Pitt14Petersen Events CenterA 5357L12,508
2006February 12, 20069Georgetown15MCI CenterA 6956W16,263
1952January 19, 195210Waynesburg Mountaineer Field HouseH 8757W4,900
1952January 30, 195210Pitt Memorial Field HouseA 6747W4,872
1952February 1, 195210VMI Mountaineer Field HouseH 9166W5,000
1952February 2, 195210Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseH 6061L7,000
1952February 27, 195210Penn State Recreation HallA 6584L6,000
1952March 1, 195210Washington & Lee Mountaineer Field HouseH 7150W7,000
1957February 12, 195710George Washington Mountaineer Field HouseH 9382W6,800
1957February 16, 195710Penn State Recreation HallA 6580L6,200
1959January 13, 195910William & Mary Mountaineer Field HouseH 8876W5,300
1959January 23, 195910Western Kentucky Freedom HallN 7472W4,500
1959January 26, 195910George Washington Uline GymA 7767W4,500
1959January 30, 195910William & Mary City ArenaA 8276W3,700
1959February 3, 195910Pitt Mountaineer Field HouseH 7364W6,800
1959February 7, 195910Holy Cross Mountaineer Field HouseH 9690W5,600
1959February 26, 195910Davidson Richmond ArenaN 10065W2,737
1959February 27, 195910William & Mary Richmond ArenaN 8582W4,775
1959February 28, 195910Citadel Richmond ArenaN 8566W5,006
1959March 10, 195910Dartmouth Madison Square GardenN 8268W14,526
1959March 14, 195910Boston University Charlotte ColiseumN 8682W11,651
1959March 20, 195910Louisville Freedom HallN 9479W18,619
1961February 14, 196110Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseH 8078W6,000
1961February 18, 196110Pitt Mountaineer Field HouseH 9284W6,800
2010January 13, 201010USF Sun DomeA 6950W6,110
2016February 13, 201610TCU WVU ColiseumH 7342W13,137
2016March 2, 201610Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 9068W12,680
2017January 14, 201710Texas Erwin CenterA 7472W10,751
2018December 20, 201710Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 7738W8,102
2018December 23, 201710Fordham WVU ColiseumH 8669W11,296
2017January 10, 201710Baylor1WVU ColiseumH 8968W14,632
2016February 20, 201610Oklahoma3WVU ColiseumH 6276L15,289
2010January 16, 201010Syracuse5WVU ColiseumH 7172L15,271
2016February 9, 201610Kansas6Allen FieldhouseA 6575L16,300
2010March 6, 201010Villanova9Wachovia CenterA16866W20,225
1959March 21, 195910California11Freedom HallN 7071L18,498
2017February 27, 201710Baylor11Ferrell CenterA 6271L8,203
1959March 13, 195910Saint Joseph's14Charlotte ColiseumN 9592W11,513
2010March 1, 201010Georgetown19WVU ColiseumH 8168W13,211
2016March 5, 201610Baylor19Ferrell CenterA 6958W7,629
2016February 16, 201610Texas24Erwin CenterA 7885L12,284
2017March 3, 201710Iowa State24WVU ColiseumH 8776W14,528
1952January 12, 195211Pitt Mountaineer Field HouseH 7960W7,200
1952January 14, 195211Wake Forest Mountaineer Field HouseH 9157W5,500
1957February 7, 195711New York University Madison Square GardenA 8377W9,250
1957February 9, 195711Richmond Richmond ArenaA 8781W5,051
1957March 1, 195711George Washington Uline GymA 7775W3,500
1957March 7, 195711Davidson Richmond ArenaN 7151W3,086