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SeasonDate Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Site H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
2022November 27, 202122BYU McArthur CenterN 5758L387
2022November 25, 202122Purdue McArthur CenterN 6557W401
2022November 21, 202122Radford WVU ColiseumH 8331W1,306
2022November 19, 202122Kennesaw State WVU ColiseumH 7858W1,067
2022November 16, 202122Saint Francis, PA WVU ColiseumH 8633W1,107
2021March 23, 202117Georgia Tech UTSA Convocation CenterN 5673L 
2021March 21, 202117Lehigh Bill Greehey ArenaN 7753W 
2021March 14, 202117Baylor6Municipal AuditoriumN 5076L720
2021March 13, 202117Oklahoma State Municipal AuditoriumN 5950W848
2021March 12, 202117Kansas State Municipal AuditoriumN 5856W 
2021March 8, 202117Baylor6Ferrell CenterA 7396L2,260
2021March 3, 202120Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7264W603
2021February 27, 202118Kansas Allen FieldhouseA 7268W 
2021February 24, 202118Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 6885L822
2021February 20, 202119TCU WVU ColiseumH 8178W1,236
2021February 13, 202119Oklahoma WVU ColiseumH 7172L1,112
2021February 10, 202119Kansas WVU ColiseumH 6961W648
2021February 6, 202118Texas Erwin CenterA 8175W997
2021February 3, 202118Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 6556W514
2021January 30, 202124TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 7970W904
2021January 27, 202124Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 7353W1,989
2020January 26, 202025TCU Schollmaier ArenaA 6073L1,722
2020January 22, 202025Oklahoma State WVU ColiseumH 5557L1,349
2020January 18, 202017Baylor2Ferrell CenterA 5191L7,004
2020January 15, 202017Oklahoma WVU ColiseumH 4973L1,566
2020January 12, 202019Texas WVU ColiseumH 6863W3,477
2020January 8, 202019Kansas Allen FieldhouseA 6849W1,313
2020January 5, 202019Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7463W2,737
2020December 31, 201919Cornell WVU ColiseumH 6862W1,987
2020December 22, 201922Syracuse Warden ArenaN 7169W274
2020December 21, 201922Michigan State19Warden ArenaN 6357W329
2020December 15, 201922Norfolk State Charleston Civic CenterN 7255W1,842
2020November 29, 201923New Mexico Hard Rock Hotel Riviera MayaN 7360W107
2020November 28, 201923Creighton Hard Rock Hotel Riviera MayaN 7582L187
2020November 21, 201925Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 8247W10,663
2019November 23, 201825Iowa12Gateway Christian AcademyN 8184L 
2018February 3, 201821Oklahoma Lloyd Noble CenterA 5776L3,490
2018January 28, 201820Baylor3WVU ColiseumH 7283L5,073
2018January 24, 201820Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 8252W1,987
2018January 20, 201817Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 6959W10,067
2018January 17, 201817Oklahoma State24Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 7379L1,520
2018January 13, 201815TCU WVU ColiseumH17476L3,139
2018January 10, 201815Kansas Allen FieldhouseA 7454W1,536
2018January 7, 201812Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 5749W2,580
2018January 3, 201812Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 5260L1,440
2018December 31, 20179Texas8Frank Erwin CenterA 5879L4,028
2018December 28, 20179TCU Ed and Rae Schollmaier ArenaA 8782W1,799
2018December 21, 20179Morehead State WVU ColiseumH 6656W2,066
2018December 18, 20179Morgan State WVU ColiseumH 8441W1,034
2018December 16, 201710Radford Charleston Civic CenterN 7555W1,807
2018December 10, 201710Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 10143W1,163
2018December 7, 201710Pitt WVU ColiseumH 7352W2,005
2018December 3, 201711Texas A&M18Reed ArenaA 7056W3,391
2018November 25, 201711Virginia Tech Titan Field HouseN 7961W276
2018November 24, 201711Drexel Titan Field HouseN 7542W 
2018November 23, 201711Butler Titan Field HouseN 7568W 
2018November 19, 201712North Florida WVU ColiseumH 8759W1,156
2018November 14, 201712Sacramento State WVU ColiseumH 10147W1,211
2018November 10, 201713Central Connecticut WVU ColiseumH 10252W1,359
2017March 19, 201722Maryland4XFINITY CenterA 5683L6,129
2017March 17, 201722Elon XFINITY CenterN 7562W3,511
2017February 4, 201722Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 5580L3,058
2017January 29, 201722Texas12Frank Erwin CenterA 5469L4,123
2017January 25, 201722Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 8979W2,051
2017January 21, 201724Baylor2Ferrell CenterA 7379L6,462
2017January 18, 201724Kansas Allen FieldhouseA 6251W1,833
2017January 14, 201718Texas16WVU ColiseumH 6373L4,118
2017January 11, 201718Texas Tech United Supermarkets ArenaA 6675L4,829
2017January 8, 201717Oklahoma20WVU ColiseumH 8373W2,563
2017January 4, 201717Baylor2WVU ColiseumH 5691L2,466
2017January 1, 201712Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 7186L4,825
2017December 29, 201612TCU Ed and Rae Schollmaier ArenaA 8361W1,770
2017December 21, 201613Mount St. Mary's WVU ColiseumH 7745W1,269
2017December 17, 201614Longwood Charleston Civic CenterN 10740W2,024
2017December 10, 201613USC Upstate WVU ColiseumH 9133W1,435
2017December 4, 201616Ole Miss WVU ColiseumH 6661W2,634
2017November 30, 201616Morehead State WVU ColiseumH 9453W1,179
2017November 27, 201619High Point WVU ColiseumH 8259W1,134
2017November 24, 201619Auburn Savannah Civic CenterN 5652W417
2017November 23, 201619East Carolina Savannah Civic CenterN 7947W249
2017November 22, 201619North Carolina A&T Savannah Civic CenterN 8064W319
2017November 19, 201621Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 6939W2,173
2017November 15, 201621Howard WVU ColiseumH 9549W1,052
2017November 12, 201622Charleston Southern WVU ColiseumH 8838W1,144
2016March 20, 201623Ohio State9St. John ArenaA 8188L2,558
2016March 18, 201623Princeton St. John ArenaN 7465W 
2016March 6, 201622Texas6Chesapeake Energy ArenaN 5167L4,591
2016March 5, 201622Kansas State Chesapeake Energy ArenaN 7465W3,863
2016March 1, 201622Iowa State Hilton ColiseumA 8257W10,213
2016February 13, 201624Oklahoma State20Gallagher-Iba ArenaA 5163L3,223
2016February 10, 201624Iowa State WVU ColiseumH 5747W1,317
2016January 30, 201624Baylor4WVU ColiseumH 6171L4,168
2016January 27, 201624Oklahoma21Lloyd Noble CenterA 5457L4,182
2016January 24, 201625TCU Ed and Rae Schollmaier ArenaA 9784W2,087
2015December 22, 201421Ohio State Value City ArenaA 5496L5,048
2015December 20, 201422Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 6956W2,421
2015December 13, 201423IPFW WVU ColiseumH 8248W1,493
2015December 10, 201423Duquesne WVU ColiseumH 7960W1,322
2015December 6, 201424Coppin State WVU ColiseumH 8343W2,042
2015December 3, 201424Fairleigh Dickinson Stratis ArenaA 8052W397
2015November 29, 201422Fairfield WVU ColiseumH 6753W845
2015November 26, 201422Evansville WVU ColiseumH 8339W1,202
2015November 20, 201417Mississippi State Humphrey ColiseumA 6174L2,502
2015November 17, 201417Seton Hall WVU ColiseumH 8987W1,078
2015November 15, 201417Eastern Kentucky WVU ColiseumH 6742W1,707
2014March 25, 20147LSU Maravich CenterA 6776L2,186
2014March 23, 20147Albany Maravich CenterN 7661W2,833
2014March 10, 20145Baylor7Chesapeake Energy ArenaN 7174L4,710
2014March 9, 20147Texas Chesapeake Energy ArenaN 6760W4,954
2014March 8, 20147TCU Chesapeake Energy ArenaN 6759W5,262
2014March 4, 20147Kansas WVU ColiseumH 6760W5,052
2014March 2, 201411Baylor6Ferrell CenterA 7169W8,242
2014February 26, 201411Texas Tech WVU ColiseumH 6937W1,820
2014February 22, 201413Kansas State Bramlage ColiseumA 6140W4,452
2014February 19, 201413Oklahoma State12WVU ColiseumH 7745W2,087
2014February 16, 201413TCU WVU ColiseumH 6157W6,161
2014February 13, 201413Oklahoma Lloyd Noble CenterA 7675W4,803
2014February 8, 201417Kansas State WVU ColiseumH 8444W4,112
2014February 1, 201420TCU Daniel-Meyer ColiseumA 6662W2,029
2014January 29, 201420Iowa State23WVU ColiseumH 6756W1,229
2014January 25, 201418Texas Erwin CenterA 6366L3,812
2014January 22, 201418Texas Tech United Spirit ArenaA 7051W3,757
2013December 20, 201224Duquesne WVU ColiseumH 5462L968
2013December 16, 201225Youngstown State WVU ColiseumH 9057W1,901
2013December 2, 201225Virginia John Paul Jones ArenaA 5447W3,635
2013November 25, 201212Iowa U.S. Century Bank ArenaN 7079L387
2013November 23, 201212LSU U.S. Century Bank ArenaN 6371L430
2013November 17, 201214USC Upstate WVU ColiseumH 7545W1,238
2013November 12, 201214Boston University Case GymnasiumA 6057W303
2013November 9, 201217UNC Wilmington WVU ColiseumH 7647W1,656
2012March 5, 201225Notre Dame3XL CenterN 4573L8,731
2011February 26, 201119Rutgers Rutgers Athletic CenterA 5867L3,858
2011February 22, 201119Notre Dame8WVU ColiseumH 6072L2,593
2011February 19, 201121Pitt Petersen Events CenterA 9079W5,368
2011February 13, 201117Louisville KFC Yum! CenterA 4757L12,251
2011February 8, 201117Connecticut2WVU ColiseumH 5157L5,855
2011February 5, 201114Pitt WVU ColiseumH 5360L8,025
2011February 1, 201114Providence WVU ColiseumH 5945W1,193
2011January 30, 20118DePaul12McGrath ArenaA 5578L3,802
2011January 25, 20118Georgetown19McDonough ArenaA 6065L1,033
2011January 22, 20119USF WVU ColiseumH 7852W4,555
2011January 19, 20119Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 7821W2,023
2011January 15, 20116Syracuse25WVU ColiseumH 7061W3,086
2011January 11, 20116Marquette Al McGuire CenterA 5469L1,132
2011January 8, 20116Cincinnati WVU ColiseumH 7244W2,797
2011January 5, 20116Seton Hall Walsh GymnasiumA 6746W218
2011January 2, 20116Central Connecticut WVU ColiseumH 6337W2,513
2011December 30, 20106St. Bonaventure Reilly CenterA 6253W818
2011December 21, 20106North Carolina Central McDougald-McLendon GymA 7139W879
2011December 18, 20107Saint Francis, PA WVU ColiseumH 8355W2,407
2011December 11, 20109Prairie View WVU ColiseumH 7139W2,227
2011December 9, 20109Villanova The PavilionA 3936W423
2011December 4, 201010High Point WVU ColiseumH 8957W1,683
2011December 2, 201010Elon WVU ColiseumH 9051W1,018
2011November 27, 201010Iowa State19UVI Sports and Fitness CenterN 6453W640
2011November 26, 201010Virginia UVI Sports and Fitness CenterN 5743W624
2011November 25, 201010TCU21UVI Sports and Fitness CenterN 6249W853
2011November 19, 201010Delaware State WVU ColiseumH 6631W1,555
2011November 17, 201010Duquesne WVU ColiseumH 6958W1,237
2011November 12, 201011Loyola, MD WVU ColiseumH 8049W6,299
2010March 23, 201010San Diego State Erwin CenterN 5564L2,169
2010March 21, 201010Lamar Erwin CenterN 5843W3,178
2010March 9, 20109Connecticut1XL CenterN 3260L10,040
2010March 8, 20109Rutgers XL CenterN 5649W9,334
2010March 7, 20107DePaul XL CenterN 4741W8,671
2010March 1, 20107Syracuse Carrier DomeA 4867L987
2010February 27, 20108Marquette WVU ColiseumH 6956W4,485
2010February 23, 20108Cincinnati Fifth Third ArenaA 6443W783
2010February 20, 20109USF Sun DomeA 5445W2,434
2010February 16, 20109Rutgers WVU ColiseumH 5551W1,318
2010February 14, 20109Georgetown16WVU ColiseumH 5546W6,754
2010February 6, 201011Providence Dunkin' Donuts CenterA 7559W262
2010February 2, 201011Connecticut1XL CenterA 4780L9,745
2010January 30, 201016Louisville WVU ColiseumH 7266W3,788
2010January 27, 201016Seton Hall WVU ColiseumH 5331W1,552
2010January 24, 201016Notre Dame4Joyce CenterA 6674L9,149
2010January 20, 201016Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 7442W4,021
2010January 17, 201018Pitt Petersen Events CenterA 6954W3,599
2010January 12, 201018Villanova WVU ColiseumH 4541W1,210
2010January 9, 201022DePaul WVU ColiseumH16457W3,036
2010January 5, 201022Pitt WVU ColiseumH 6359W1,183
2008March 24, 200817Vanderbilt21The PitN 4664L5,446
2008March 22, 200817New Mexico The PitA 6160W9,633
2008March 10, 200816Louisville23XL CenterN 6067L9,302
2008March 9, 200814USF XL CenterN 6442W8,336
2008March 3, 200814Syracuse Carrier DomeA 5173L1,308
2008March 1, 200813Louisville WVU ColiseumH 7870W4,157
2008February 26, 200813Pitt Petersen Events CenterA17577L2,575
2008February 23, 200813Villanova WVU ColiseumH 7655W2,558
2008February 19, 200813Cincinnati Fifth Third ArenaA 8263W397
2008February 16, 200811DePaul WVU ColiseumH 8081L8,307
2008February 13, 200811Pitt18WVU ColiseumH 5635W2,606
2008February 9, 200812Providence Alumni HallA 6360W532
2008February 3, 200812Seton Hall Walsh GymnasiumA 7042W714
2008January 29, 200812Rutgers4WVU ColiseumH 6354W3,093
2008January 26, 200812Georgetown WVU ColiseumH 6735W2,328
2008January 23, 200812Marshall Charleston Civic CenterN 5851W2,141
2008January 19, 200814St. John's Carnesecca ArenaA 6844W674
2008January 16, 200814Marquette WVU ColiseumH 6863W1,309
2008January 13, 200816Notre Dame14WVU ColiseumH 5650W2,542