Oregon State vs West Virginia
March 9, 2012 5:35am at Goss Stadium at Coleman Field, Corvallis, OR

West Virginia00000000
Oregon State010030711
Pitching: Ben Wetzler (W), Corey Walter (L)
Umpires: Scott Letendre (First Base), Kelly Gonzales (Home Plate), Heath Jones (Third Base)

Oregon State (11) - Coach: Pat Casey
33Ryan Barnes310000100000
4John Tommasini310000102000
9Danny Hayes220000200000
13Jake Rodriguez322133100011
3Kavin Keyes301011001100
2Ryan Dunn222002110000
10Dylan Davis400000000000
8Michael Conforto311122010000
1Tyler Smith512133000000
17Sam Montgomery100000001000
6Nate Esposito000000000000
16Ryan Gorton000000000000
35Joey Matthews010010100000
28Ben Wetzler000000000000
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
2John Polonius2000000100
35Gabe Brown3000000200
19Max Nogay2000000000
47Matt Frazer3000000200
10Billy Fleming2010100010
23Brady Wilson3000000000
46Ryan McBroom2000001100
21Justin Fox2000000200
3Bobby Boyd2000010001
9Corey Walter0000000000
38Zach Bargeron0000000000
28Nate Antone0000000000
Oregon State (11) - Coach: Pat Casey
28Ben Wetzler7.01018112123
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
28Nate Antone0.2266402139
38Zach Bargeron0.1000010011
9Corey Walter6.065433012529
Oregon State (11) - Coach: Pat Casey
 Total 21101
33Ryan Barnescf000
4John Tommasini2b010
9Danny Hayes1b610
13Jake Rodriguezc610
3Kavin Keyesdh000
2Ryan Dunn3b131
10Dylan Davisrf200
8Michael Confortolf000
1Tyler Smithss220
17Sam Montgomery 000
6Nate Esposito 200
16Ryan Gorton 100
35Joey Matthews 000
28Ben Wetzler 120
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
 Total 2181
2John Poloniusss031
35Gabe Browndh000
19Max Nogayc400
47Matt Frazerlf200
10Billy Fleming3b000
23Brady Wilsonrf200
46Ryan McBroom1b900
21Justin Fox2b040
3Bobby Boydcf400
9Corey Walter 010
38Zach Bargeron 000
28Nate Antone 000
1OSUBarnes, R. grounded out to 1b unassisted (1-1).
1OSUSmith, T. flied out to rf (1-1).
1OSUConforto, M. grounded out to 2b (0-1).
1WVUWILSON, B. grounded out to ss (2-1).
1WVUBoyd, B. walked (3-0).
1WVUFRAZER, M. struck out looking (3-2); Boyd, B. out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
2OSUDavis, D. grounded out to ss (0-1).
2OSUDunn, R. singled to center field (0-1).
2OSUKeyes, K. singled through the left side (3-1); Dunn, R. advanced to second.
2OSUKeyes, K. advanced to second; Dunn, R. advanced to third on a passed ball.
2OSURodriguez, J grounded out to 2b, RBI (2-0); Keyes, K. advanced to third; Dunn, R. scored, unearned.
2OSUHayes, D. fouled out to lf (3-2).
2WVUMCBROOM, R. struck out looking (0-2).
2WVUBROWN, G. grounded out to 3b (2-2).
2WVUPolonius, J. struck out looking (3-2).
3OSUTommasini, J flied out to cf (1-1).
3OSUBarnes, R. grounded out to 2b (0-0).
3OSUSmith, T. grounded out to p (2-2).
3WVUFLEMING, B. singled to second base (1-2).
3WVUFOX, J. struck out swinging, bunt (1-2).
3WVUNOGAY, M. flied out to rf (0-0).
3WVUWILSON, B. grounded out to 3b, bunt (0-0).
4OSUConforto, M. flied out to cf (1-0).
4OSUDavis, D. flied out to cf (0-1).
4OSUDunn, R. singled down the lf line (0-1).
4OSUKeyes, K. struck out swinging (2-2).
4WVUBoyd, B. out at first 1b to p (0-1).
4WVUFRAZER, M. popped up to 3b (1-1).
4WVUMCBROOM, R. hit by pitch (2-2).
4WVUMCBROOM, R. advanced to second on a wild pitch.
4WVUBROWN, G. struck out swinging (1-2).
5OSURodriguez, J singled down the rf line (1-1).
5OSURodriguez, J advanced to second on a passed ball.
5OSURodriguez, J advanced to third on a passed ball.
5OSUHayes, D. walked (3-1).
5OSUTommasini, J struck out swinging (1-2).
5OSUBarnes, R. walked (3-1); Hayes, D. advanced to second.
5OSUSmith, T. grounded out to ss, RBI (2-2); Barnes, R. advanced to second; Hayes, D. advanced to third; Rodriguez, J scored.
5OSUConforto, M. doubled down the lf line, 2 RBI (2-1); Barnes, R. scored; Hayes, D. scored.
5OSUDavis, D. reached on a throwing error by ss (0-0); Conforto, M. advanced to third.
5OSUDunn, R. hit by pitch (1-0); Davis, D. advanced to second.
5OSUKeyes, K. flied out to cf (0-1).
5WVUPolonius, J. reached on a fielding error by 3b (0-0).
5WVUFLEMING, B. grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b (0-1); Polonius, J. out on the play.
5WVUFOX, J. struck out swinging (1-2).
6OSURodriguez, J walked (3-0).
6OSUHayes, D. flied out to lf (0-0).
6OSURodriguez, J stole second.
6OSUTommasini, J struck out swinging to catcher (1-2).
6OSUBarnes, R. grounded out to 2b (2-1).
6WVUMatthews, J. to cf for Barnes, R..
6WVUNOGAY, M. lined out to rf (0-2).
6WVUWILSON, B. grounded out to p (3-2).
6WVUBoyd, B. grounded out to p (2-1).
7OSUSmith, T. singled to third base, bunt (0-0).
7OSUANTONE, N. to p for WALTER, C..
7OSUConforto, M. hit by pitch (0-0); Smith, T. advanced to second.
7OSUDavis, D. grounded out to ss (0-2); Conforto, M. advanced to second; Smith, T. advanced to third.
7OSUDunn, R. walked (3-2).
7OSUKeyes, K. flied out to rf, SAC, RBI (1-1); Smith, T. scored.
7OSURodriguez, J doubled to left field, 2 RBI (1-0); Dunn, R. scored; Conforto, M. scored.
7OSUHayes, D. walked (3-0).
7OSUHayes, D. advanced to second on a wild pitch; Rodriguez, J advanced to third on a wild pitch.
7OSUTommasini, J walked (3-0).
7OSUMatthews, J. walked, RBI (3-2); Tommasini, J advanced to second; Hayes, D. advanced to third; Rodriguez, J scored.
7OSUMatthews, J. advanced to second on a wild pitch; Tommasini, J advanced to third on a wild pitch; Hayes, D. scored on a wild pitch.
7OSUSmith, T. doubled to right field, 2 RBI (3-1); Matthews, J. scored; Tommasini, J scored.
7OSUMontgomery pinch hit for Conforto, M..
7OSUMontgomery struck out swinging (1-2).
7WVUMontgomery to lf.
7WVUGorton, R. to 1b for Hayes, D..
7WVUEsposito, N. to c for Rodriguez, J.
7WVUFRAZER, M. struck out swinging (2-2).
7WVUMCBROOM, R. grounded out to 3b (2-2).
7WVUBROWN, G. struck out swinging (3-2).