Liberty vs West Virginia
April 13, 2013 at Liberty Baseball Stadium, Lynchburg, VA

West Virginia1000001002
Liberty10110024 9
Pitching: Brooks Roy (W), Corey Walter (L)
Umpires: Fred Shaner (First Base), Greg Holt (Home Plate), David Speaks (Third Base)

Liberty (9) - Coach: Jim Toman
17Ashton Perritt443011501000020
1Jake Kimble300000000100100
26Dalton Britt412001200200000
12Alex Close221100220000000
21Nick Paxton310000001000010
9Ryan Cordell412000200100000
20Danny Grauer400000000010000
10Trey Wimmer300001010101000
19Bryan Aanderud503106400000000
2Brooks Roy000000000000000
3Josh Richardson000000000000000
West Virginia (2) - Coach: Randy Mazey
4Bobby Boyd3000001000
3Taylor Munden3121131100
47Matt Frazer1100002100
12Ryan Tuntland3010110001
24Jacob Rice4011020100
23Brady Wilson4010010000
48Alan Filauro3000000100
13Ryan McBroom4000000010
21Justin Fox3010010100
9Corey Walter0000000000
50Tad Dipzinski0000000000
29Corey Holmes0000000000
40Chris Rasky1000000000
10Billy Fleming1000000000
2Michael Constantini1000000000
45Jared Hill0000000000
Liberty (9) - Coach: Jim Toman
 Brooks Roy7.0522452429
 Josh Richardson2.01000077
West Virginia (2) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Tad Dipzinski0.1000000011
 Corey Holmes0.2222100135
 Corey Walter6.185513002528
 Jared Hill0.2122121135
Liberty (9) - Coach: Jim Toman
 Total 279
17Ashton Perrittlf10
1Jake Kimble3b02
26Dalton Brittss33
12Alex Close1b/c60
21Nick Paxtonrf10
9Ryan Cordellcf60
20Danny Grauerdh00
10Trey Wimmerc/1b61
19Bryan Aanderud2b30
2Brooks Roy 02
3Josh Richardson 11
West Virginia (2) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 2412
4Bobby Boydcf20
3Taylor Mundenss23
47Matt Frazerdh00
12Ryan Tuntland3b02
24Jacob Ricelf00
23Brady Wilsonrf30
48Alan Filauroc50
13Ryan McBroom1b90
21Justin Fox2b36
9Corey Walter 01
50Tad Dipzinski 00
29Corey Holmes 00
40Chris Rasky 00
10Billy Fleming 00
2Michael Constantini 00
45Jared Hill 00
1WVUMunden, T. doubled to left field, ground-rule (1-1 KB).
1WVUBoyd, B. walked (3-1 BBBKB).
1WVUWilson, B. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (1-0 B); Boyd, B. out at second ss unassisted; Munden, T. advanced to third.
1WVUTuntland, R. flied out to cf to left center, SF, RBI (2-2 KBKFB); Munden, T. scored.
1WVUMcBroom, R. flied out to lf (0-1 K).
1LUPERRITT, A. tripled to right field (1-2 KKB).
1LUAANDERUD, B. grounded out to 2b, RBI (3-2 BFBBF); PERRITT, A. scored.
1LUWIMMER, T. flied out to cf (2-1 BBK).
1LUGRAUER, D. grounded out to 3b (1-1 BK).
2WVURice, J. flied out to cf (1-0 B).
2WVUFrazer, M. walked (3-2 BKFBBB).
2WVUFilauro, A. flied out to cf to left center (1-1 BF).
2WVUFox, J. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (2-1 BFB); Frazer, M. out at second ss to 2b.
2LUCORDELL, R. singled through the right side (1-0 B).
2LUPAXTON, N. reached on a fielder's choice to pitcher, bunt (1-0 B); CORDELL, R. out at second p to ss.
2LUPAXTON, N. stole second.
2LUCLOSE, A. walked (3-1 BBBKB).
2LUBRITT, D. struck out looking (2-2 BFFFFBFK).
2LUKIMBLE, J. flied out to rf (0-0).
3WVUMunden, T. struck out looking (1-2 KBSFK).
3WVUBoyd, B. flied out to cf (3-1 BBBK).
3WVUWilson, B. grounded out to 3b (0-2 KK).
3LUPERRITT, A. singled through the left side (1-1 BF).
3LUPERRITT, A. stole second.
3LUAANDERUD, B. flied out to rf (1-2 BKS); PERRITT, A. advanced to third.
3LUWIMMER, T. flied out to rf, SF, RBI (3-1 BBBF); PERRITT, A. scored.
3LUGRAUER, D. grounded out to ss (1-1 BK).
4WVUTuntland, R. popped up to 2b (3-2 BFKBFB).
4WVUMcBroom, R. fouled out to c (0-0).
4WVURice, J. doubled down the lf line (0-2 FK).
4WVUFrazer, M. struck out swinging (1-2 BFKS).
4LUCORDELL, R. struck out swinging (0-2 FFS).
4LUPAXTON, N. grounded out to 2b (0-1 F).
4LUCLOSE, A. doubled down the lf line (1-2 BKK).
4LUBRITT, D. singled to center field, RBI (0-1 S); CLOSE, A. scored.
4LUKIMBLE, J. reached on a fielder's choice to second base (0-1 F); BRITT, D. out at second 2b to ss.
5WVUFilauro, A. struck out swinging (0-2 KSS).
5WVUFox, J. struck out swinging (0-2 KSFS).
5WVUMunden, T. walked (3-0 BBBB).
5WVUBoyd, B. grounded out to ss (2-1 BFB).
5LUPERRITT, A. popped up to 2b (0-1 F).
5LUAANDERUD, B. singled to right field (1-1 SB).
5LUWIMMER, T. struck out swinging (2-2 BSBSFS).
5LUGRAUER, D. flied out to cf to left center (1-1 BK).
6WVUWilson, B. fouled out to 1b (2-2 SSBFB).
6WVUTuntland, R. singled to shortstop (2-1 BBF).
6WVUMcBroom, R. grounded into double play p to ss to 1b (0-1 K); Tuntland, R. out on the play.
6LUCORDELL, R. grounded out to 1b unassisted (1-1 BF).
6LUPAXTON, N. grounded out to ss (0-0).
6LUCLOSE, A. grounded out to 2b (1-1 BS).
7WVURice, J. struck out swinging (1-2 BFKS).
7WVUFrazer, M. walked (3-1 SBBBB).
7WVUFilauro, A. flied out to cf (1-0 B).
7WVUFox, J. singled to center field (1-0 B); Frazer, M. advanced to second.
7WVUMunden, T. singled up the middle, RBI (2-0 BB); Fox, J. advanced to second; Frazer, M. scored.
7WVUBoyd, B. grounded out to p (2-2 BKKBF).
7LUBRITT, D. singled through the right side (0-1 K).
7LUKIMBLE, J. out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt (1-0 B); BRITT, D. advanced to second.
7LUPERRITT, A. singled to right field (0-1 S); BRITT, D. advanced to third.
7LUPERRITT, A. stole second, failed pickoff attempt.
7LUHolmes, C. to p for Walter, C..
7LUAANDERUD, B. singled to right field, 2 RBI (3-1 BBFB); PERRITT, A. scored; BRITT, D. scored.
7LUWIMMER, T. walked (3-0 BBBB); AANDERUD, B. advanced to second.
7LUGRAUER, D. grounded into double play ss to 2b to 1b (1-1 BF); WIMMER, T. out on the play.
8WVUWilson, B. singled through the left side (1-2 KKB).
8WVUTuntland, R. flied out to rf (2-2 KKBB).
8WVUMcBroom, R. reached on a fielder's choice to third base (0-0); Wilson, B. out at second 3b to 2b.
8WVURice, J. grounded out to p (0-1 F).
8LUCORDELL, R. singled to third base (0-0).
8LUPAXTON, N. hit by pitch (3-0 BBB); CORDELL, R. advanced to second.
8LUHill, J. to p for Holmes, C..
8LUPAXTON, N. advanced to second on a wild pitch; CORDELL, R. advanced to third on a wild pitch.
8LUCLOSE, A. intentionally walked (3-0 BBBB).
8LUBRITT, D. struck out swinging (2-2 BSBSS).
8LUKIMBLE, J. struck out swinging (1-2 FFFBS).
8LUPERRITT, A. hit by pitch, RBI (0-0); CLOSE, A. advanced to second; PAXTON, N. advanced to third; CORDELL, R. scored.
8LUAANDERUD, B. doubled to center field, 3 RBI (0-1 F); PERRITT, A. scored; CLOSE, A. scored; PAXTON, N. scored.
8LUDipzinski, T to p for Hill, J..
8LUWIMMER, T. grounded out to 2b (2-0 BB).
9WVUWIMMER, T. to 1b.
9WVUCLOSE, A. to c.
9WVURasky, C. pinch hit for Frazer, M..
9WVURasky, C. lined out to ss (0-1 F).
9WVUConstantini, pinch hit for Filauro, A..
9WVUConstantini, out at first 1b to p (2-2 FFBB).
9WVUFleming, B. pinch hit for Fox, J..
9WVUFleming, B. flied out to cf (1-1 FB).