San Diego State vs West Virginia
February 21, 2014 at Tony Gwynn Stadium, San Diego, CA

West Virginia0100201026
San Diego State0002000002
Pitching: Harrison Musgrave (W), Mike Robards (L)
Umpires: Kelly Gonzales (First Base), Dave Yeast (Home Plate), Dominic Giarratano (Third Base)

San Diego State (2) - Coach: Tony Gwynn
9Greg Allen40110201
8Danny Sheehan30000001
14Evan Potter30110201
23Brad Haynal30000002
25Ty France30112201
36Seby Zavala41110200
16Ryan Muno40100101
12Tim Zier31000011
10Spencer Thornton40000002
15Justin Hepner00000000
27Orlando Meza00000000
2Mike Robards00000000
41Brandon Thomas00000000
West Virginia (6) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total3861411518 521
4Bobby Boyd52200020200
3Taylor Munden41101240010
44Shaun Wood40100010000
19Max Nogay31110020001
15Billy Fleming50300130000
24Jacob Rice51300030000
22Cam O'Brien40000000100
13Ryan McBroom40200220110
21Justin Fox41100010100
10Pascal Paul00000000000
11Harrison Musgrave00000000000
9Corey Walter00000000000
San Diego State (2) - Coach: Tony Gwynn
 Justin Hepner1.11001145
 Orlando Meza1.04200067
 Mike Robards6.0944412627
 Brandon Thomas0.20000122
West Virginia (6) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Harrison Musgrave6.0522182223
 Pascal Paul2.00000266
 Corey Walter1.00000033
San Diego State (2) - Coach: Tony Gwynn
 Total 2782
9Greg Allencf400
8Danny Sheehandh000
14Evan Potterss340
23Brad Haynalc610
25Ty France3b100
36Seby Zavalalf310
16Ryan Muno1b600
12Tim Zier2b012
10Spencer Thorntonrf400
15Justin Hepner 000
27Orlando Meza 010
2Mike Robards 000
41Brandon Thomas 000
West Virginia (6) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 279
4Bobby Boydcf30
3Taylor Mundenss13
44Shaun Woodrf20
19Max Nogaydh00
15Billy Fleming2b01
24Jacob Ricelf20
22Cam O'Brienc100
13Ryan McBroom1b90
21Justin Fox3b04
10Pascal Paul 00
11Harrison Musgrave 01
9Corey Walter 00
1WVUMunden, T. flied out to lf (3-2 FBBFFB).
1WVUBoyd, B. singled to shortstop, out at second c to ss (0-1 K).
1WVUFleming, B. singled to right center (0-0).
1WVUMcBroom, R. struck out swinging (3-2 BBSSBS).
1SDSUALLEN doubled to left center (3-2 BFBBKFF).
1SDSUZIER flied out to lf (1-0 B).
1SDSUMUNO grounded out to 2b (2-2 SBBF); ALLEN advanced to third.
1SDSUZAVALA grounded out to 3b (1-1 KB).
2WVURice, J. singled to left field (0-1 K).
2WVUWood, S. singled up the middle (0-0); Rice, J. advanced to third.
2WVUO'Brien, C. popped up to ss (1-0 B).
2WVUFox, J. struck out swinging (3-2 BFBBFFFFS).
2WVUWood, S. advanced to second on a wild pitch; Rice, J. scored on a wild pitch.
2WVUNogay, M. flied out to cf (1-2 SBFF).
2SDSUTHORNTON grounded out to ss (2-1 KBB).
2SDSUFRANCE flied out to cf (1-1 FB).
2SDSUHAYNAL struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
3WVUMunden, T. flied out to rf (0-0).
3WVUBoyd, B. struck out looking (3-2 BBBKFK).
3WVUFleming, B. flied out to rf (1-1 BK).
3SDSUSHEEHAN flied out to rf (1-0 B).
3SDSUPOTTER struck out swinging (1-2 FBFFFS).
3SDSUALLEN struck out swinging (1-2 KKBS).
4WVUMcBroom, R. singled through the left side (3-1 BBFB).
4WVURice, J. reached on a fielder's choice (0-1 K); McBroom, R. out at second 2b to ss.
4WVUWood, S. reached on a throwing error by 2b (1-1 BK); Rice, J. advanced to third.
4WVUO'Brien, C. struck out swinging (2-2 FKBBS).
4WVUFox, J. grounded out to 1b unassisted (2-1 BBF).
4SDSUZIER walked (3-1 BBFBB).
4SDSUMUNO struck out swinging (0-2 FSS).
4SDSUZAVALA doubled to left field (0-2 KF); ZIER advanced to third.
4SDSUTHORNTON struck out swinging (0-2 KFS).
4SDSUFRANCE doubled to right center, 2 RBI (2-0 BB); ZAVALA scored; ZIER scored.
4SDSUHAYNAL struck out swinging (1-2 FSBFFS).
5WVUNogay, M. flied out to rf (1-2 KFBF).
5WVUMunden, T. homered to left field, RBI (1-0 B).
5WVUBoyd, B. singled to pitcher (1-1 FB).
5WVUFleming, B. singled to center field, advanced to second on the throw (0-1 F); Boyd, B. advanced to third.
5WVUMcBroom, R. flied out to lf, SF, RBI (0-0); Boyd, B. scored.
5WVURice, J. lined out to rf (1-1 KB).
5SDSUSHEEHAN struck out swinging (2-2 KBFBFFS).
5SDSUPOTTER doubled down the lf line (2-1 BBK).
5SDSUALLEN grounded out to 3b (0-0).
5SDSUZIER flied out to cf (3-2 BKBFBFF).
6WVUWood, S. grounded out to ss (0-0).
6WVUO'Brien, C. popped up to 3b (0-0).
6WVUFox, J. grounded out to ss (1-1 KB).
6SDSUMUNO singled through the right side (1-1 BF).
6SDSUZAVALA flied out to cf (1-0 B).
6SDSUTHORNTON struck out swinging (2-2 BKFBS).
6SDSUMUNO out at first p to 1b, picked off.
7WVUNogay, M. doubled to left field (2-1 BBK).
7WVUNogay, M. advanced to third on a wild pitch.
7WVUMunden, T. flied out to cf, SF, RBI (1-2 KKB); Nogay, M. scored.
7WVUBoyd, B. struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
7WVUFleming, B. grounded out to ss (0-0).
7SDSUPaul, P. to p for Musgrave, H..
7SDSUFRANCE struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
7SDSUHAYNAL flied out to rf (1-1 BK).
7SDSUSHEEHAN popped up to ss (1-0 B).
8WVUMcBroom, R. flied out to cf (1-0 B).
8WVURice, J. singled through the left side (2-2 KKBFB).
8WVUWood, S. flied out to cf (1-0 B).
8WVURice, J. advanced to second on a wild pitch.
8WVUO'Brien, C. flied out to lf (2-0 BB).
8SDSUPOTTER grounded out to ss (2-2 BFBF).
8SDSUALLEN flied out to lf (0-0).
8SDSUZIER struck out swinging (2-2 KFBBS).
9WVUFox, J. singled to center field (1-2 KSB).
9WVUNogay, M. grounded out to p, SAC, bunt (2-1 BBK); Fox, J. advanced to second.
9WVUMunden, T. grounded out to ss (1-0 B).
9WVUBoyd, B. reached on a throwing error by 2b, advanced to second on the throw (3-2 SSBBB); Fox, J. advanced to third.
9WVUFleming, B. singled through the right side, RBI (0-2 SS); Boyd, B. advanced to third; Fox, J. scored, unearned.
9WVUMcBroom, R. singled through the left side, RBI (1-1 BF); Fleming, B. advanced to second; Boyd, B. scored, unearned.
9WVURice, J. singled to left field (2-0 BB); McBroom, R. advanced to second; Fleming, B. advanced to third, out at home lf to c.
9SDSUWalter, C. to p for Paul, P..
9SDSUMUNO grounded out to 3b (2-2 KSBFB).
9SDSUZAVALA grounded out to 3b (2-2 BKBK).
9SDSUTHORNTON grounded out to ss (2-1 KBB).