Marshall vs West Virginia
April 23, 2014 at Hawley Field, Morgantown, WV

West Virginia13103002 10
Pitching: Corey Walter (W), Lance Elder (L)
Umpires: Justin Anderson (First Base), Ron Whiting (Home Plate), Joe Volpe (Third Base)

Marshall (3) - Coach: Jeff Waggoner
31Corey Bird5010101
7Chase Vogelbach4110100
14Andrew Dundon4000000
12Eric Escobedo4012100
22Matt Reed4111101
17Aaron Bossi4010101
44T.J. Diffenderfer3110110
26Robert Fajardo2000011
4Sergio Leon4010101
19Roscoe Blackburn0000000
8Brandyn Sittinger0000000
21Caleb Ross0000000
35Spencer Iacovone1000001
2Sam Hunter0000000
38Lance Elder0000000
32Chase Boster0000000
13Kolin Stanley0000000
43Ryan Hopkins0000000
West Virginia (10) - Coach: Randy Mazey
4Bobby Boyd4221013102000
3Taylor Munden4120002011000
15Billy Fleming4000010010000
46Brad Johnson4110021101000
24Jacob Rice4000000010000
22Cam O'Brien4331106101000
47Jackson Cramer3000000000000
2Michael Constantini3211022100010
13Ryan McBroom4131024000100
40Trevor Simms0000000000000
50Michael Bennett0000000000000
34Ryan Hostrander0000000000000
9Corey Walter0000000000000
35Cody Semler1000000000000
Marshall (3) - Coach: Jeff Waggoner
 Kolin Stanley1.0100000044
 Chase Boster2.0110010189
 Lance Elder2.04442222914
 Sam Hunter0.0100000011
 Caleb Ross0.1022200013
 Brandyn Sittinger1.0000000033
 Roscoe Blackburn1.0322010066
 Ryan Hopkins0.2211010033
West Virginia (10) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Michael Bennett1.00000033
 Ryan Hostrander1.00000244
 Corey Walter7.0732242830
Marshall (3) - Coach: Jeff Waggoner
 Total 2453
31Corey Birdcf400
7Chase Vogelbachdh000
14Andrew Dundon2b320
12Eric Escobedorf200
22Matt Reedc511
17Aaron Bossi3b011
44T.J. Diffenderfer1b500
26Robert Fajardolf300
4Sergio Leonss211
19Roscoe Blackburn 000
8Brandyn Sittinger 000
21Caleb Ross 000
35Spencer Iacovone 000
2Sam Hunter 000
38Lance Elder 000
32Chase Boster 000
13Kolin Stanley 000
43Ryan Hopkins 000
West Virginia (10) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 2783
4Bobby Boydcf501
3Taylor Mundenss041
15Billy Fleming2b330
46Brad Johnsonrf100
24Jacob Ricelf200
22Cam O'Brienc600
47Jackson Cramerdh000
2Michael Constantini3b111
13Ryan McBroom1b700
40Trevor Simms 000
50Michael Bennett 000
34Ryan Hostrander 100
9Corey Walter 100
35Cody Semler 000
1MUBird struck out swinging (3-2 KKBFFBBS).
1MULeon struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
1MUDundon grounded out to 2b (1-2 BKKF).
1WVUMunden, T. struck out swinging (1-2 KBSS).
1WVUBoyd, B. doubled to right field (2-0 BB).
1WVUFleming, B. flied out to cf (2-2 FBBK).
1WVUBoyd, B. advanced to third on a wild pitch.
1WVUMcBroom, R. singled to left center, RBI (2-2 BKKB); Boyd, B. scored.
1WVURice, J. hit by pitch (0-1 K); McBroom, R. advanced to second.
1WVUJohnson, B. struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
2MUDiffenderfer singled to left field (0-1 F).
2MUVogelbach flied out to cf to left center (1-2 KSB).
2MUBossi singled to pitcher, bunt (0-0); Diffenderfer advanced to second.
2MUReed hit into double play 3b to 2b (1-1 BF); Diffenderfer out on the play.
2WVUO'Brien, C. doubled to right center (0-1 K).
2WVUCramer, J. flied out to lf (1-1 KB).
2WVUConstantini, walked (3-0 BBBB).
2WVUMunden, T. singled to left field (1-0 B); Constantini, advanced to second; O'Brien, C. advanced to third.
2WVUBoyd, B. walked, RBI (3-2 SBBKFBFB); Munden, T. advanced to second; Constantini, advanced to third; O'Brien, C. scored.
2WVUFleming, B. hit by pitch, RBI (1-0 B); Boyd, B. advanced to second; Munden, T. advanced to third; Constantini, scored.
2WVUMcBroom, R. flied out to cf, SF, RBI (2-2 KBBK); Munden, T. scored.
2WVUFleming, B. advanced to second on a wild pitch; Boyd, B. advanced to third on a wild pitch.
2WVURice, J. flied out to lf (2-0 BB).
3MUEscobedo grounded out to ss (1-2 KSFB).
3MUFajardo reached on a fielding error by 3b (2-2 KKBB).
3MUBird reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (0-0); Fajardo out at second ss to 2b.
3MULeon reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop; Bird out at second ss to 2b.
3WVUBoster to p for Elder.
3WVUJohnson, B. grounded out to 2b (2-2 BKSBFF).
3WVUO'Brien, C. tripled to right center (2-2 FFBB).
3WVUCramer, J. popped up to 1b (1-2 BKS).
3WVUConstantini, reached on a fielding error by ss (1-1 KB); O'Brien, C. scored, unearned.
3WVUMunden, T. hit by pitch; Constantini, advanced to second.
3WVUBoyd, B. struck out swinging (3-2 KSBBBS).
4MUDundon popped up to p (1-0 B).
4MUDiffenderfer walked (3-2 BBKBKB).
4MUVogelbach singled to right field (2-1 FBB); Diffenderfer advanced to third.
4MUBossi struck out looking (0-2 FSK).
4MUReed singled, advanced to second on a fielding error by cf, RBI (0-1 S); Vogelbach advanced to third; Diffenderfer scored.
4MUEscobedo singled to third base, 2 RBI (1-1 FB); Reed scored, unearned; Vogelbach scored.
4MUFajardo struck out looking (1-2 BFFFK).
4WVUFleming, B. flied out to cf (1-1 KB).
4WVUMcBroom, R. popped up to 2b (0-0).
4WVURice, J. grounded out to 3b (3-1 BBKB).
5MUBird grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-1 K).
5MULeon singled through the left side (1-1 BK).
5MUDundon flied out to cf to center field (0-0).
5MUDiffenderfer flied out to cf to left center (3-1 FBBB).
5WVURoss to p for Boster.
5WVUJohnson, B. walked (3-0 BBBB).
5WVUO'Brien, C. walked (3-1 BBKBB); Johnson, B. advanced to second.
5WVUCramer, J. grounded out to 2b (1-2 KBK); O'Brien, C. advanced to second; Johnson, B. advanced to third.
5WVUHopkins to p for Ross.
5WVUConstantini, doubled down the lf line, 2 RBI (1-2 KBF); O'Brien, C. scored; Johnson, B. scored.
5WVUConstantini, stole third, scored on a throwing error by c.
5WVUMunden, T. singled to left field.
5WVUMunden, T. out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
5WVUDropped foul ball, E5.
5WVUBoyd, B. struck out swinging (2-2 BBKFS).
6MUVogelbach grounded out to 2b (1-2 KBS).
6MUBossi flied out to rf (0-0).
6MUReed flied out to cf (0-2 KK).
6WVUK. Stanley to p for Hopkins.
6WVUFleming, B. flied out to rf to right center (1-0 B).
6WVUMcBroom, R. singled to left field (1-2 KBKF).
6WVURice, J. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (1-2 FBF); McBroom, R. out at second ss to 2b.
6WVUJohnson, B. flied out to rf to right center (0-0).
7MUEscobedo grounded out to ss (0-1 F).
7MUFajardo walked (3-0 BBBB).
7MUBird singled to left center (0-2 KF); Fajardo advanced to second.
7MULeon flied out to lf (1-1 BK).
7MUDundon grounded out to 2b (3-2 BKSFBB).
7WVUHunter to p for K. Stanley.
7WVUO'Brien, C. singled up the middle (0-0).
7WVUSemler, C. to dh for Cramer, J..
7WVUSittinger to p for Hunter.
7WVUSemler, C. popped up to ss (2-2 FBFB).
7WVUConstantini, flied out to cf to left center (0-0).
7WVUMunden, T. fouled out to 1b (3-1 KBBB).
8MUBennett, M. to p for Walter, C..
8MUDiffenderfer flied out to cf to left center (2-0 BB).
8MUVogelbach flied out to lf (2-1 SBB).
8MUBossi fouled out to 1b (0-1 S).
8WVUBlackburn to p for Sittinger.
8WVUBoyd, B. singled through the right side (2-0 BB).
8WVUFleming, B. flied out to lf (1-1 SB).
8WVUMcBroom, R. doubled down the lf line (2-0 BB); Boyd, B. advanced to third.
8WVURice, J. popped up to 2b (1-0 B).
8WVUJohnson, B. singled through the left side, 2 RBI (2-2 BKBSFF); McBroom, R. scored; Boyd, B. scored.
8WVUSimms, T. pinch ran for Johnson, B..
8WVUO'Brien, C. struck out swinging (0-2 SSS).
9MUSimms, T. to rf.
9MUHostrander, to p for Bennett, M..
9MUReed struck out swinging (0-2 FFS).
9MUEscobedo reached on a throwing error by ss (0-0).
9MUIacovone pinch hit for Fajardo.
9MUMunden, T. to dh.
9MUHostrander, to p for Munden, T..
9MUSemler, C. to ss.
9MU/ for Hostrander,.
9MUIacovone struck out swinging (1-2 BKSS).
9MUBird lined out to p (3-2 BBKKFB).