Baylor vs West Virginia
May 18, 2018 3:00pm at Monongalia County Ballpark, Morgantown, WV

West Virginia0001000001
Pitching: Hayden Kettler (W), Kade Strowd (L), Troy Montemayor (S)
Umpires: Harry Greer (First Base), Ray Leible (Home Plate), Doug Williams (Third Base)

Baylor (4) - Coach: Steve Rodriguez
23Shea Langeliers413003100010
9Davion Downey200000200100
25Andy Thomas500000003000
14Josh Bissonette211011110000
20T.J. Raguse311001000000
1Cole Haring500000002000
33Davis Wendzel302123200010
21Richard Cunningham511001000000
2Nick Loftin400000100000
15Kyle Hill000000000000
8Levi Gilcrease100000000000
36Troy Montemayor000000000000
10Drew Robertson000000000000
28Hayden Kettler000000000000
West Virginia (1) - Coach: Randy Mazey
7Brandon White50202000
26Braden Zarbnisky40101110
25Marques Inman40101020
1Tyler Doanes40000021
31Darius Hill40101110
9Kyle Gray31202100
3Jimmy Galusky40000000
33B.J. Myers00000000
32Ivan Gonzalez40111010
16Dillon Meadows00000000
18Zach Reid00000000
50Nick Snyder00000000
23Jackson Wolf00000000
8Shane Ennis00000000
6Riley Troutt00000000
5Kade Strowd00000000
41Isaiah Kearns00000000
4Cody Wood00000000
24Chase Illig30000120
20Christian Young00000000
Baylor (4) - Coach: Steve Rodriguez
 Kyle Hill2.01002379
 Troy Montemayor1.01000255
 Drew Robertson1.00000133
 Hayden Kettler5.0611232022
West Virginia (1) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Shane Ennis1.0000100034
 Jackson Wolf1.0100010044
 Nick Snyder0.0000100001
 Zach Reid0.1000000011
 Dillon Meadows0.0000100001
 Riley Troutt0.1000101012
 Kade Strowd1.14221101810
 Isaiah Kearns3.031101001112
 Cody Wood1.2000110056
 Christian Young0.1010110012
Baylor (4) - Coach: Steve Rodriguez
 Total 27112
23Shea Langeliersc900
9Davion Downeyrf/lf200
25Andy Thomas1b810
14Josh Bissonette2b340
20T.J. Raguself100
1Cole Haringcf/rf101
33Davis Wendzel3b010
21Richard Cunninghamdh000
2Nick Loftinss151
15Kyle Hill 000
8Levi Gilcrease 100
36Troy Montemayor 000
10Drew Robertson 000
28Hayden Kettler 100
West Virginia (1) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 27111
7Brandon Whitecf100
26Braden Zarbniskylf400
25Marques Inman1b810
1Tyler Doanes3b220
31Darius Hillrf200
9Kyle Gray2b140
3Jimmy Galuskyss120
33B.J. Myersdh000
32Ivan Gonzalezc710
16Dillon Meadows 000
18Zach Reid 010
50Nick Snyder 000
23Jackson Wolf 000
8Shane Ennis 100
6Riley Troutt 000
5Kade Strowd 000
41Isaiah Kearns 000
4Cody Wood 001
24Chase Illig 000
20Christian Young 000
1BULoftin flied out to rf (0-0).
1BUCunningham,R fouled out to c (1-2).
1BUWendzel singled to left field (0-0).
1BUThomas, A. struck out looking (1-2).
1WVUZarbnisky, B flied out to lf (1-2).
1WVUWhite, B. grounded out to 2b (3-2).
1WVUHill, D. grounded out to 2b (3-2).
2BULangeliers singled through the left side (1-2).
2BUDowney, D. grounded out to c, SAC, bunt (0-0); Langeliers advanced to second.
2BUHaring grounded out to 2b (0-1); Langeliers advanced to third.
2BUBissonette singled up the middle, RBI (0-0); Langeliers scored.
2BURaguse flied out to lf (1-2).
2WVUInman, M. singled to right field (0-0).
2WVUGray, K. singled through the left side (1-0); Inman, M. advanced to second.
2WVUDoanes, T. grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b (1-1); Gray, K. out on the play; Inman, M. advanced to third.
2WVUGonzalez, I. grounded out to ss (1-0).
3BULoftin lined out to 3b (0-1).
3BUCunningham,R fouled out to lf (1-2).
3BUWendzel grounded out to 3b (0-0).
3WVUIllig, C. pinch hit for Myers, BJ.
3WVUIllig, C. popped up to 2b (0-0).
3WVUGalusky, J. fouled out to 1b (0-1).
3WVUZarbnisky, B singled to second base (1-0).
3WVUWhite, B. singled to pitcher (0-0); Zarbnisky, B advanced to second.
3WVUHill, D. out at first 1b to p (0-0).
4BUWolf, J. to p for Kearns, I..
4BUThomas, A. struck out looking (3-2).
4BULangeliers singled up the middle (0-2).
4BULangeliers stole second.
4BUDowney, D. flied out to cf (2-2).
4BUHaring grounded out to ss (1-2).
4WVUInman, M. struck out swinging (2-2).
4WVUGray, K. walked (3-1).
4WVUDoanes, T. grounded out to ss (2-1); Gray, K. advanced to second.
4WVUGonzalez, I. singled up the middle, advanced to second on a throwing error by cf, RBI (3-2); Gray, K. scored.
4WVUIllig, C. to dh.
4WVUIllig, C. struck out swinging (2-2).
5BUStrowd, K. to p for Wolf, J..
5BUBissonette grounded out to 2b (2-2).
5BURaguse singled up the middle (0-1).
5BULoftin popped up to 2b (0-0).
5BUCunningham,R singled to right field (3-2); Raguse advanced to third.
5BUWendzel doubled to center field, 2 RBI (1-2); Cunningham,R scored; Raguse scored.
5BUThomas, A. struck out looking (1-2).
5WVUGalusky, J. grounded out to 2b (0-1).
5WVUZarbnisky, B walked (3-0).
5WVUWhite, B. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (0-1); Zarbnisky, B out at second ss to 2b.
5WVUHill, D. singled through the right side (1-1); White, B. advanced to second.
5WVUInman, M. struck out swinging (2-2).
6BULangeliers singled up the middle (1-1).
6BUDowney, D. walked (3-0); Langeliers advanced to second.
6BUHaring reached on a fielder's choice to third base, bunt (0-0); Downey, D. advanced to second; Langeliers out at second 3b to ss.
6BUBissonette hit by pitch (0-1); Haring advanced to second; Downey, D. advanced to third.
6BUReid, Z. to p for Strowd, K..
6BURaguse reached on a fielder's choice to pitcher (3-2); Bissonette advanced to second; Haring advanced to third; Downey, D. out at home p to c.
6BUEnnis, S. to p for Reid, Z..
6BULoftin flied out to lf (0-1).
6WVUHill, K. to p for Kettler.
6WVUGray, K. singled through the right side (3-1).
6WVUDoanes, T. struck out swinging (0-2).
6WVUGonzalez, I. struck out swinging (1-2).
6WVUIllig, C. walked (3-2); Gray, K. advanced to second.
6WVUGalusky, J. flied out to rf (0-1).
7BUCunningham,R grounded out to 2b (0-0).
7BUWendzel walked (3-2).
7BUWendzel stole second.
7BUThomas, A. out at first 1b to p (2-0); Wendzel advanced to third.
7BUMeadows, D. to p for Ennis, S..
7BULangeliers walked (3-1).
7BUSnyder, N. to p for Meadows, D..
7BUDowney, D. walked (3-1); Langeliers advanced to second.
7BUYoung, C. to p for Snyder, N..
7BUHaring struck out swinging (1-2).
7WVUZarbnisky, B struck out looking (3-2).
7WVUWhite, B. flied out to cf (0-0).
7WVUHill, D. walked (3-1).
7WVUInman, M. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (0-1); Hill, D. out at second ss to 2b.
8BUBissonette walked (3-0).
8BUGilcrease pinch hit for Raguse.
8BUTroutt, R. to p for Young, C..
8BUBissonette advanced to second on a wild pitch.
8BUGilcrease grounded out to 2b (3-2); Bissonette advanced to third.
8BULoftin walked (3-0).
8BUWood, C. to p for Troutt, R..
8BULoftin advanced to second on a throwing error by p, failed pickoff attempt; Bissonette scored on the error, unearned.
8BUCunningham,R flied out to rf (0-1).
8BUWendzel walked (3-1).
8BUThomas, A. lined out to 3b (0-1).
8WVUDowney, D. to lf.
8WVUHaring to rf.
8WVUGilcrease to cf.
8WVURobertson to p for Hill, K..
8WVUGray, K. flied out to cf (2-2).
8WVUDoanes, T. struck out swinging (1-2).
8WVUGonzalez, I. grounded out to 3b (2-2).
9BULangeliers grounded out to ss (2-0).
9BUDowney, D. flied out to lf (0-0).
9BUHaring struck out swinging (2-2).
9WVUMontemayor to p for Robertson.
9WVUIllig, C. struck out looking (2-2).
9WVUGalusky, J. lined out to lf (0-0).
9WVUZarbnisky, B reached on a fielding error by ss (2-2).
9WVUWhite, B. singled to shortstop (2-2); Zarbnisky, B advanced to second.
9WVUHill, D. struck out swinging (1-2).