West Virginia vs Bryant
March 8, 2011 6:30am at Hawley Field, Morgantown, WV

West Virginia21002001 6
Pitching: Corey Walter (W), Jonathan Cohen (L)
Umpires: Brian Fisher (First Base), P.J. McConville (Home Plate), Nathan Caldwell (Third Base)

West Virginia (6) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
28Grant Buckner3010010000100
18Dan DiBartolomeo4210110101001
2Colin Durborow4000000000000
22Mark Dvoroznak4221030010000
10Jeremy Gum2000002000000
23Brady Wilson4020020001111
4Matt Malloy4010010010000
46Ryan McBroom4011220000000
39Justin McDavid4220121000000
25Josh Harlow0000000000000
9Corey Walter0000000000000
Bryant (1) - Coach: Steve Owens
11Joseph Carcone4000000101
26David Soltis3010110000
10Mike Delponte2010100000
3Connor Carignan3010110100
4Jordan English3100011100
5Tim Norton4000000100
6Jamie Skagerlind2000020000
2Dan Muscatello4000000000
29Kevin Brown3011100010
34Ryan Granat0000000000
21Dan Walsh0000000000
22John Michael Ryan0000000000
28Jonathan Cohen0000000000
8Colin Shepard1000000100
7Daniel St. George1000000000
25Brian O'Neil0000000000
West Virginia (6) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
25Josh Harlow1.000020033
9Corey Walter8.04153212734
Bryant (1) - Coach: Steve Owens
28Jonathan Cohen2.05310001112
22John Michael Ryan3.01002101013
21Dan Walsh2.012211179
25Brian O'Neil1.031100055
West Virginia (6) - Coach: Greg Van Zant
 Total 27123
28Grant Bucknerss041
18Dan DiBartolomeo2b230
2Colin Durborow3b301
22Mark Dvoroznakcf300
10Jeremy Gumdh000
23Brady Wilsonlf310
4Matt Malloyc420
46Ryan McBroom1b1000
39Justin McDavidrf211
25Josh Harlow 000
9Corey Walter 010
Bryant (1) - Coach: Steve Owens
 Total 24183
11Joseph Carconerf100
26David Soltisss261
10Mike Delpontec000
3Connor Carignandh000
4Jordan Englishcf000
5Tim Norton3b222
6Jamie Skagerlind1b1210
2Dan Muscatello2b640
29Kevin Brownlf000
34Ryan Granat 000
21Dan Walsh 000
22John Michael Ryan 020
28Jonathan Cohen 010
8Colin Shepard 120
7Daniel St. George 000
25Brian O'Neil 000
1BRYENGLISH flied out to rf (0-0).
1BRYCARCONE struck out looking (0-2 KKK).
1BRYBROWN flied out to lf (0-0).
1WVUWILSON, B. singled to right field (2-1 KBB).
1WVUMCDAVID, J. singled through the right side (1-1 BK); WILSON, B. advanced to second.
1WVUDIBARTOLOMEO reached on a fielder's choice (0-2 FFFFFFF); MCDAVID, J. advanced to second; WILSON, B. out at third 3b unassisted.
1WVUBUCKNER, G. reached on a fielder's choice to pitcher (2-1 BBK); DIBARTOLOMEO advanced to second; MCDAVID, J. advanced to third.
1WVUGUM, J. infield fly to 2b (1-0 B).
1WVUMCBROOM, R. reached on a fielding error by 3b (1-1 KB); BUCKNER, G. advanced to second; DIBARTOLOMEO advanced to third; MCDAVID, J. scored, unearned.
1WVUMALLOY, M. singled to shortstop; MCBROOM, R. advanced to second; BUCKNER, G. advanced to third; DIBARTOLOMEO scored, unearned.
1WVUDURBOROW, C. flied out to rf (0-1 F).
2BRYSOLTIS fouled out to 1b (1-0 B).
2BRYSKAGERLIND grounded out to ss (0-0).
2BRYDELPONTE singled, advanced to second on a fielding error by rf (1-2 KBFF).
2BRYCARIGNAN walked (3-1 BBBKB).
2BRYNORTON reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (0-1 K); CARIGNAN advanced to second; DELPONTE advanced to third.
2BRYMUSCATELLO grounded out to ss (0-1 K).
2WVUDVOROZNAK, M singled to left field (0-0).
2WVUWILSON, B. grounded out to 1b unassisted, SAC, bunt (1-0 B); DVOROZNAK, M advanced to second.
2WVUMCDAVID, J. grounded out to 2b (2-2 BSBS); DVOROZNAK, M advanced to third.
2WVUDIBARTOLOMEO singled down the lf line, RBI (3-2 BBBKF); DVOROZNAK, M scored.
2WVUDIBARTOLOMEO picked off, out at second p to 1b to ss, caught stealing.
3BRYENGLISH walked (3-0 BBBB).
3BRYCARCONE reached on a fielding error by ss (2-2 BFFB); ENGLISH advanced to third.
3BRYBROWN flied out to cf, SF, RBI (0-1 K); ENGLISH scored, unearned.
3BRYSOLTIS walked (3-2 BSBFFBB); CARCONE advanced to second.
3BRYSOLTIS advanced to second; CARCONE out at third c to 2b to 3b, caught stealing.
3BRYDELPONTE flied out to lf (1-2 BFK).
3WVUBUCKNER, G. singled to left center (0-1 K).
3WVUGUM, J. reached on a fielder's choice (2-2 FBKB); BUCKNER, G. out at second 2b to ss.
3WVUMCBROOM, R. grounded out to ss (2-2 BBSS); GUM, J. advanced to second.
3WVUMALLOY, M. grounded out to 3b (3-1 BBBK).
4BRYCARIGNAN grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-0).
4BRYNORTON fouled out to 1b (1-0 B).
4BRYMUSCATELLO flied out to lf (0-2 KF).
4WVUDURBOROW, C. reached on a throwing error by ss (1-0 B).
4WVUDVOROZNAK, M struck out, bunt (2-2 BBFK).
4WVUWILSON, B. grounded into double play ss to 2b to 1b; DURBOROW, C. out on the play.
5BRYENGLISH grounded out to ss (1-1 KB).
5BRYCARCONE reached on a fielding error by 3b (0-0).
5BRYBROWN flied out to cf.
5BRYCARCONE advanced to second on a wild pitch.
5BRYSOLTIS flied out to cf.
5WVUMCDAVID, J. walked (3-2 BKKBBB).
5WVUDIBARTOLOMEO hit by pitch (3-1 BFBB); MCDAVID, J. advanced to second.
5WVURYAN to p for WALSH.
5WVUBUCKNER, G. grounded out to p, SAC, bunt (2-1 BBF); DIBARTOLOMEO advanced to second; MCDAVID, J. advanced to third.
5WVUGUM, J. intentionally walked.
5WVUMCBROOM, R. doubled to right center, 2 RBI; GUM, J. advanced to third; DIBARTOLOMEO scored; MCDAVID, J. scored.
5WVUMALLOY, M. struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b (1-2 BSS).
5WVUDURBOROW, C. grounded out to ss (0-1 F).
6BRYSKAGERLIND grounded out to 2b (0-0).
6BRYSHEPARD struck out looking (1-2 KSFBK).
6BRYCARIGNAN struck out looking (0-2 SKK).
6WVUDVOROZNAK, M grounded out to c, bunt (0-0).
6WVUWILSON, B. grounded out to p (0-2 KF).
6WVUMCDAVID, J. popped up to 2b to center field (1-2 FBK).
7BRYNORTON grounded out to ss (0-0).
7BRYMUSCATELLO fouled out to 3b (1-2 FFB).
7BRYENGLISH hit by pitch (1-0 B).
7BRYENGLISH advanced to second on a passed ball.
7BRYCARCONE grounded out to p (1-0 B).
7WVUDIBARTOLOMEO grounded out to 3b (1-1 BK).
7WVUBUCKNER, G. reached on a fielding error by 3b (1-2 KSB).
7WVUGUM, J. walked (3-2 SBBFBB); BUCKNER, G. advanced to second.
7WVUMCBROOM, R. reached on a fielder's choice (0-2 KS); GUM, J. out at second ss to 2b; BUCKNER, G. advanced to third.
7WVUMALLOY, M. reached on a fielder's choice (2-1 FBB); MCBROOM, R. out at second ss to 2b.
8BRYBROWN singled to right center (2-1 BKB).
8BRYSOLTIS singled to center field (1-0 B); BROWN advanced to second.
8BRYSOLTIS advanced to second on a wild pitch; BROWN advanced to third on a wild pitch.
8BRYST. GEORGE pinch hit for SHEPARD.
8BRYST. GEORGE flied into triple play rf to 2b to 3b (1-2 FFFB); SKAGERLIND out on the play; BROWN out on the play.
8WVUO'NEIL to p for RYAN.
8WVUDURBOROW, C. popped up to 3b (3-1 BBBS).
8WVUDVOROZNAK, M doubled down the lf line (1-0 B).
8WVUWILSON, B. singled to right center (2-1 BBS); DVOROZNAK, M advanced to third.
8WVUWILSON, B. stole second.
8WVUMCDAVID, J. singled through the left side, RBI (1-2 BSF); WILSON, B. advanced to third; DVOROZNAK, M scored.
8WVUDIBARTOLOMEO grounded into double play ss to 2b to 1b (0-1 F); MCDAVID, J. out on the play.
9BRYCARIGNAN singled to right field (3-2 BKFBB).
9BRYHARLOW, J. to p for WALTER, C..
9BRYNORTON struck out swinging (1-2 BKKS).
9BRYMUSCATELLO reached on a fielder's choice; CARIGNAN out at second lf to 2b.
9BRYENGLISH struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b (1-2 BKK).