Canisius vs West Virginia
March 8, 2023 at Wagener Field at Mon County Ballpark, Morgantown, WV

West Virginia20001401 8
Pitching: Gavin Van Kempen (W), Tom Peltier (L)
Umpires: Drew Shields (First Base), Mark Schmidt (Home Plate), Mitchel Mayle (Third Base)

Canisius (1) - Coach: Matt Mazurek
4Mike DeStefano401000100000
22Jackson Strong312011510101
12Tommy Sheridan100000001100
19Tom Peltier000000000000
29Dylan Vincent300000010000
6Kyle Kush401100200100
35Ryan Weiss300000000300
2Kenny Dodson301000100101
24Josh Niles200000011200
8Max Grant301000100111
15Brennan Chisholm100000000100
37Alex Terry-Emanuel100000000000
11Sam Staerker000000000000
1Trent Rumley100000000000
39Peyton Consigli000000000000
13Bryan Aduddle000000000000
9Cole Sebastian101000100001
23Ty Wevers100000000100
16Brett Kochanski000000000000
West Virginia (8) - Coach: Randy Mazey
2Tevin Tucker1211002210011
50Caleb McNeely3020012200011
35Gavin Van Kempen0000000000000
23Ellis Garcia2000000000000
27J.J. Wetherholt3332138100101
41Sam White5000000001000
9Grant Hussey2000000002000
8Dayne Leonard4011012101000
13Braden Barry5230136001000
33Logan Sauve2000000001000
15Maxx Yehl0000000000000
24Aidan Major0000000000000
83Zach Ramppen0000000000000
18Skylar King1000000000000
32Chris Sleeper0000000000000
5Tyler Cox0000000200011
1Kevin Dowdell1100000100011
31Jake Carr0000000000000
6Evan Smith2000000001001
Canisius (1) - Coach: Matt Mazurek
16Brett Kochanski1.0000211035
19Tom Peltier3.032223111114
13Bryan Aduddle0.1100000022
39Peyton Consigli2.245553001016
11Sam Staerker1.0211000055
West Virginia (8) - Coach: Randy Mazey
31Jake Carr1.000001033
32Chris Sleeper0.100010012
35Gavin Van Kempen5.16110822022
15Maxx Yehl1.210011056
24Aidan Major0.200012023
Canisius (1) - Coach: Matt Mazurek
 Total 2491
4Mike DeStefanocf200
22Jackson Strongrf300
12Tommy Sheridanc611
19Tom Peltierp010
29Dylan Vincent1b810
6Kyle Kushss330
35Ryan Weissdh000
2Kenny Dodsonlf000
24Josh Niles3b010
8Max Grant2b110
15Brennan Chisholm 000
37Alex Terry-Emanuel 000
11Sam Staerker 000
1Trent Rumley 010
39Peyton Consigli 000
13Bryan Aduddle 000
9Cole Sebastian 000
23Ty Wevers 100
16Brett Kochanski 000
West Virginia (8) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 2712
2Tevin Tuckerss20
50Caleb McNeelyrf/3b04
35Gavin Van Kempenp01
23Ellis Garcia3b01
27J.J. Wetherholt2b12
41Sam Whitelf/1b81
9Grant Hussey1b20
8Dayne Leonardc112
13Braden Barrycf20
33Logan Sauvedh00
15Maxx Yehl 01
24Aidan Major 00
83Zach Ramppen 10
18Skylar King 00
32Chris Sleeper 00
5Tyler Cox 00
1Kevin Dowdell 00
31Jake Carr 00
6Evan Smith 00
1CCStrong homered to center field, RBI (2-2 KFBB).
1CCDodson singled to center field (0-1 S).
1CCDodson out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
1CCGrant grounded out to p (0-2 KSF).
1CCDeStefano flied out to cf (0-1 K).
1WVUBarry, B. singled through the right side (2-1 FBB).
1WVUWetherholt homered to right center, 2 RBI (1-1 KB); Barry, B. scored.
1WVULeonard, D. grounded out to ss (3-2 BSSBBF).
1WVUMcNeely, C. singled to right field (3-1 BSBB).
1WVUMcNeely, C. stole second.
1WVUWhite, S. flied out to rf (1-1 BK); McNeely, C. advanced to third.
1WVUGarcia, E. flied out to rf (1-0 B).
2CCNiles hit by pitch (2-2 BBKF).
2CCVincent flied out to lf (1-0 B).
2CCWeiss struck out swinging (0-2 KSS).
2CCKush struck out swinging (3-2 BBFFBS).
2WVUHussey, G. struck out swinging (1-2 KKBS).
2WVUSauve, L. grounded out to 2b (0-0).
2WVUTucker, T. hit by pitch (1-0 B).
2WVUBarry, B. struck out swinging (1-2 FFFBS).
3CCSheridan struck out swinging (2-2 BKBFFS).
3CCStrong singled to first base (3-1 FBBB).
3CCStrong out at second c to 2b, caught stealing.
3CCDodson grounded out to 3b (1-0 B).
3WVUWetherholt walked (3-0 BBBB).
3WVULeonard, D. flied out to rf (1-0 B).
3WVUWetherholt out at second p to 1b to ss, caught stealing.
3WVUMcNeely, C. walked (3-2 BBSBFB).
3WVUMcNeely, C. advanced to second on a wild pitch.
3WVUWhite, S. struck out looking (3-2 KBBBKFK).
4CCGrant struck out swinging (0-2 FSFFS).
4CCDeStefano singled up the middle (3-1 BBBK).
4CCNiles struck out swinging (3-2 KBKBBS).
4CCVincent flied out to cf (1-2 FBSF).
4WVUConsigli to p for Peltier.
4WVUGarcia, E. grounded out to ss (3-2 BFBSFB).
4WVUHussey, G. struck out swinging (1-2 SSBS).
4WVUSauve, L. struck out looking (2-2 BBKFK).
5CCWeiss struck out looking (0-2 KFK).
5CCKush doubled to right field (0-0).
5CCSheridan hit by pitch (1-2 KFB).
5CCStrong struck out swinging (2-2 BKFBS).
5CCDodson struck out swinging (1-2 KSFBS).
5WVUTucker, T. doubled down the lf line (3-1 KBBB).
5WVUBarry, B. singled to shortstop, bunt (0-0); Tucker, T. advanced to third.
5WVUWetherholt flied out to cf, SF, RBI (0-0); Tucker, T. scored.
5WVUBarry, B. advanced to second on a throwing error by c.
5WVULeonard, D. struck out looking (2-2 KSBFBK).
5WVUBarry, B. advanced to third on a passed ball.
5WVUMcNeely, C. walked (3-1 BBKBB).
5WVUWhite, S. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (0-0); McNeely, C. out at second ss unassisted.
6CCGrant singled to left center (1-2 BSSF).
6CCDeStefano flied out to lf (1-0 B).
6CCMajor, A. to p for Van Kempen.
6CCNiles struck out swinging (1-2 KBFS).
6CCGrant stole second.
6CCVincent walked (3-1 BSBBB).
6CCWeiss struck out swinging (3-2 KBKBBS).
6WVUCox, T. pinch hit for Garcia, E..
6WVUCox, T. walked (3-2 BSFBBFB).
6WVUSmith, E. pinch hit for Hussey, G..
6WVUSmith, E. reached on a fielder's choice to shortstop (2-2 BSSB); Cox, T. out at second ss to 2b.
6WVUDowdell, K. pinch hit for Sauve, L..
6WVUSmith, E. out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
6WVUDowdell, K. walked (3-1 KBBBB).
6WVUDowdell, K. stole second.
6WVUTucker, T. walked (3-2 BFKBBB).
6WVUBarry, B. homered to left field, 3 RBI (2-2 KFBB); Tucker, T. scored; Dowdell, K. scored.
6WVUWetherholt doubled to left center (2-1 BBK).
6WVULeonard, D. walked (3-1 BBKBB).
6WVUAduddle to p for Consigli.
6WVUMcNeely, C. singled to center field, RBI (1-2 KBF); Leonard, D. advanced to third; Wetherholt scored.
6WVUWhite, S. grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-0).
7CCMcNeely, C. to 3b.
7CCWhite, S. to 1b.
7CCCox, T. to lf.
7CCSmith, E. to rf.
7CCYehl, M. to p for Major, A..
7CCKush grounded out to 3b (0-0).
7CCSebastian pinch hit for Sheridan.
7CCSebastian singled down the rf line (0-2 FK).
7CCSebastian out at second p to 1b to ss, caught stealing.
7CCStrong walked (3-1 BBBKB).
7CCChisholm pinch hit for Dodson.
7CCChisholm struck out swinging (2-2 BFFBFS).
7WVUChisholm to lf.
7WVUWevers to c for Sebastian.
7WVUKochanski to p for Aduddle.
7WVUCox, T. walked (3-1 BKBBB).
7WVUSmith, E. struck out swinging (1-2 SKBFS).
7WVUDowdell, K. to dh.
7WVUCox, T. stole second.
7WVUDowdell, K. grounded out to 3b (1-1 SB).
7WVUCox, T. advanced to third on a wild pitch.
7WVUTucker, T. walked (3-2 BBFBSB).
7WVUTucker, T. stole second.
7WVUBarry, B. lined out to cf (1-1 SB).
8CCRumley pinch hit for Grant.
8CCRumley grounded out to 3b (0-0).
8CCDeStefano grounded out to 3b (1-0 B).
8CCSleeper, C. to p for Yehl, M..
8CCNiles walked (3-0 BBBB).
8CCVincent grounded out to 3b (1-2 KKB).
8WVURumley to 2b.
8WVUStaerker to p for Kochanski.
8WVUWetherholt doubled, ground-rule (0-1 F).
8WVULeonard, D. doubled, ground-rule, RBI (3-2 KBFBB); Wetherholt scored.
8WVURamppen, Z. pinch ran for Leonard, D..
8WVUMcNeely, C. popped up to 1b (0-1 F).
8WVUWhite, S. grounded out to 2b (1-1 FB); Ramppen, Z. advanced to third.
8WVUKing, S. pinch hit for Cox, T..
8WVUKing, S. grounded out to 1b unassisted (1-1 BK).
9CCRamppen, Z. to c.
9CCKing, S. to lf.
9CCCarr, J. to p for Sleeper, C..
9CCTerry-Emanue pinch hit for Weiss.
9CCTerry-Emanue grounded out to 2b (2-0 BB).
9CCKush grounded out to 2b (2-2 BBKF).
9CCWevers struck out looking (1-2 KBFK).