#21 Kentucky vs #22 West Virginia
June 4, 2023 at Kentucky Proud Park, Lexington, KY

West Virginia0000000000
Kentucky21021013 10
Pitching: Austin Strickland (W), Grant Siegel (L)
Umpires: Travis Reininger (First Base), Jason Bradley (Home Plate), Stephen McMullen (Third Base)

Kentucky (10)
51Jackson Gray3200000111
16Austin Strickland0000000000
12Grant Smith3110001011
19Nolan McCarthy4121136000
21Ryan Waldschmidt3100000101
6Reuben Church3120012101
14Hunter Gilliam5010011000
4Emilien Pitre5010011000
7Devin Burkes2111032120
2Jase Felker4311012011
23Magdiel Cotto0000000000
13James McCoy0000000000
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Randy Mazey
2Tevin Tucker3010010100
8Dayne Leonard3000000200
41Sam White2000000000
25Landon Wallace4010010100
37Grant Siegel0000000000
33Logan Sauve4000000300
50Caleb McNeely3000000100
13Braden Barry3010010011
27J.J. Wetherholt4031040012
9Grant Hussey2000001100
44Keegan Allen0000000000
15Maxx Yehl0000000000
17Carlson Reed0000000000
1Kevin Dowdell0000000000
35Gavin Van Kempen0000000000
5Tyler Cox1000000000
83Zach Ramppen1000000000
43Robby Porco0000000000
18Skylar King1010010000
23Ellis Garcia1000000000
6Evan Smith1000000100
Kentucky (10)
16Austin Strickland6.040162223
23Magdiel Cotto2.0200377
13James McCoy1.0100144
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Randy Mazey
17Carlson Reed1.2232131810
1Kevin Dowdell0.200000022
44Keegan Allen1.011110045
43Robby Porco1.200011056
37Grant Siegel1.133300279
35Gavin Van Kempen0.123310135
15Maxx Yehl1.110001134
Kentucky (10)
 Total 278
51Jackson Graycf30
16Austin Stricklandp10
12Grant Smithss22
19Nolan McCarthyrf00
21Ryan Waldschmidtlf10
6Reuben Churchdh00
14Hunter Gilliam1b52
4Emilien Pitre2b21
7Devin Burkesc101
2Jase Felker3b22
23Magdiel Cotto 10
13James McCoy 00
West Virginia (0) - Coach: Randy Mazey
 Total 24141
2Tevin Tuckerss050
8Dayne Leonardc600
41Sam White3b010
25Landon Wallacelf100
37Grant Siegelp100
33Logan Sauvedh000
50Caleb McNeelyrf200
13Braden Barrycf110
27J.J. Wetherholt2b150
9Grant Hussey1b1211
44Keegan Allen 000
15Maxx Yehl 000
17Carlson Reed 000
1Kevin Dowdell 000
35Gavin Van Kempen 000
5Tyler Cox 000
83Zach Ramppen 000
43Robby Porco 000
18Skylar King 000
23Ellis Garcia 010
6Evan Smith 000
1WVUWetherholt lined out to ss (1-1 BK).
1WVUSauve, L. lined out to 2b (1-1 BK).
1WVUWallace, L. singled through the left side (2-2 KBKB).
1WVUMcNeely, C. struck out swinging (1-2 BSSS).
1UKJ. Gray hit by pitch (2-1 FBB).
1UKJ. Felker doubled down the lf line, RBI (3-2 KFBBBF); J. Gray scored.
1UKD. Burkes grounded out to ss (3-1 BBKB); J. Felker advanced to third.
1UKE. Pitre out at first 1b to p, RBI (2-0 BB); J. Felker scored.
1UKH. Gilliam flied out to lf (1-2 FKB).
2WVUHussey, G. flied out to cf (3-2 BBSBKFF).
2WVUBarry, B. grounded out to 3b (0-0).
2WVULeonard, D. grounded out to 2b (3-2 BBKKFB).
2UKR. Church singled to left field (1-0 B).
2UKWaldschmidt grounded out to 2b (1-1 KB); R. Church advanced to second.
2UKN. McCarthy doubled down the lf line, RBI (0-0); R. Church scored.
2UKG. Smith hit by pitch (0-0).
2UKWest Virginia Challenge on Hit By Pitch, Unsuccessful.
2UKYehl, M. to p for Siegel, G..
2UKJ. Gray hit into double play 1b unassisted (0-1 K); G. Smith out on the play.
3WVUWhite, S. flied out to cf (2-0 BB).
3WVUTucker, T. singled to right center (0-1 K).
3WVUWetherholt singled through the right side (3-2 KBBFB); Tucker, T. advanced to third.
3WVUSauve, L. struck out looking (1-2 BKFK).
3WVUWallace, L. struck out swinging (3-2 KBBFBS).
3UKJ. Felker struck out swinging (1-2 KSBS).
3UKD. Burkes hit by pitch (1-0 B).
3UKE. Pitre singled to left center, advanced to second on the throw (3-2 BBKBK); D. Burkes advanced to third, out at home cf to ss to c.
3UKWest Virginia Challenge on Safe at Home, Successful.
3UKReed, C. to p for Yehl, M..
3UKH. Gilliam grounded out to 3b (2-1 FBB).
4WVUMcNeely, C. fouled out to 1b (2-2 FBKB).
4WVUHussey, G. walked (3-2 FBBBKB).
4WVUBarry, B. reached on a fielder's choice (1-2 KSB); Hussey, G. out at second 3b to 2b.
4WVUBarry, B. stole second.
4WVULeonard, D. struck out swinging (2-2 FKFBFFBS).
4UKR. Church struck out swinging (0-2 KSS).
4UKWaldschmidt walked (3-0 BBBB).
4UKN. McCarthy homered to right center, 2 RBI (1-0 B); Waldschmidt scored.
4UKG. Smith struck out swinging (2-2 BBKKS).
4UKJ. Gray struck out swinging (3-2 KBBKBS).
5WVUWhite, S. out at first 1b to p (2-1 BKB).
5WVUTucker, T. grounded out to ss (0-1 K).
5WVUWetherholt singled up the middle (0-1 K).
5WVUWetherholt stole second.
5WVUKentucky Challenge on Safe at Second, Unsuccessful.
5WVUSauve, L. struck out swinging (3-2 BBFBKS).
5UKJ. Felker reached on a muffed throw by 1b, assist by ss (3-1 BSBB).
5UKD. Burkes hit by pitch (0-1 K); J. Felker advanced to second.
5UKE. Pitre flied out to rf (1-0 B); J. Felker advanced to third.
5UKH. Gilliam singled up the middle, RBI (3-1 KBBB); D. Burkes advanced to second; J. Felker scored, unearned.
5UKPorco, R. to p for Reed, C..
5UKR. Church walked (3-2 BKBBKB); H. Gilliam advanced to second; D. Burkes advanced to third.
5UKWaldschmidt struck out looking (0-2 KSK).
5UKN. McCarthy grounded out to 2b (3-2 SFBFBB).
6WVUWallace, L. grounded out to ss (2-2 BKBFF).
6WVUMcNeely, C. flied out to cf (1-0 B).
6WVUHussey, G. struck out looking (0-2 KFK).
6UKG. Smith flied out to cf (2-2 BBKF).
6UKJ. Gray grounded out to 2b (0-0).
6UKJ. Felker grounded out to ss (3-1 BBBK).
7WVUM. Cotto to p for A Strickland.
7WVUBarry, B. singled to right center (1-2 BKF).
7WVULeonard, D. struck out swinging (1-2 KBSFS).
7WVUGarcia, E. pinch hit for White, S..
7WVUGarcia, E. popped up to ss (0-0).
7WVUTucker, T. struck out swinging (2-2 BBKKS).
7UKGarcia, E. to 3b.
7UKAllen, K. to p for Porco, R..
7UKD. Burkes walked (3-2 BBKSBFFFB).
7UKE. Pitre grounded out to 2b (2-0 BB); D. Burkes advanced to second.
7UKH. Gilliam grounded out to ss (0-0).
7UKR. Church singled to left field, RBI (0-1 K); D. Burkes scored.
7UKWaldschmidt fouled out to rf (0-0).
8WVUWetherholt doubled down the rf line (1-1 BK).
8WVUWetherholt out at third c to 3b, caught stealing.
8WVUSauve, L. struck out looking (2-2 KKBBK).
8WVUWallace, L. out at first 1b to p (0-1 K).
8UKVan Kempen to p for Allen, K..
8UKN. McCarthy grounded out to 2b (0-0).
8UKG. Smith singled to left field (1-1 FB).
8UKJ. Gray walked (3-2 BKBKBFFB); G. Smith advanced to second.
8UKJ. Felker hit by pitch (1-0 B); J. Gray advanced to second; G. Smith advanced to third.
8UKD. Burkes doubled down the lf line, 3 RBI (3-2 BBBKK); J. Felker scored; J. Gray scored; G. Smith scored.
8UKDowdell, K. to p for Van Kempen.
8UKE. Pitre grounded out to 3b (0-1 S).
8UKH. Gilliam lined out to 2b (0-1 F).
9WVUJ. McCoy to p for M. Cotto.
9WVUKing, S. pinch hit for McNeely, C..
9WVUKing, S. singled to left field (0-1 K).
9WVURamppen, Z. pinch hit for Hussey, G..
9WVURamppen, Z. lined out to lf (0-0).
9WVUSmith, E. pinch hit for Barry, B..
9WVUSmith, E. struck out swinging (2-2 FBBKS).
9WVUCox, T. pinch hit for Leonard, D..
9WVUCox, T. fouled out to 3b (2-2 BKBS).