Lafayette vs #20 West Virginia
October 31, 2007 7:00pm at Metzgar Fields, Easton, PA

Attendance: 192
Weather: Clear, cool
Stadium: Metzgar Fields
Goals by Period
West Virginia011
*00Andrew Pianko0000
*10Kenn Stearns0000
*14Mike Celentano1100
*15John Griffith0000
*16Steve Ference0000
*17Chad Barbieri2100
*21Sam Feldbaum1000
*23Evan Cohen0000
*3Matt Reichenbach0000
*4Mark Price0000
*9Chip Aronica2100
 12Stephen Macurdy1100
 18Justin Kamine0000
 20Kevin Miller1100
 24David Tapsfield0000
 5David May0000
 8Nick Leigh0000
*1Zach Johnson0000
*10Andy Wright2001
*15Mike Anoia0000
*17Andrew Halsell0000
*2Jason Bristol0001
*22Pat Carroll0000
*24Dan Hagey2000
*5Paul Cunningham1100
*7Gift Maworere0000
*8Dan Stratford0000
*9Paul Paradise4000
 12Reed Cooper1110
 14Sean Brooks1100
 18Tony Lindroos0000
00Andrew Pianko90:0012
1Zach Johnson90:0005
Shots By Period
West Virginia3811
Saves By Period
West Virginia235
Corner Kicks
West Virginia123
West Virginia516
Scoring Summary
#TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
160:13WVUReed CooperJason Bristol, Andy Wrightfollowing corner
Cautions and ejections: Yellow-Justin Kamine (LC) 65:47
Offsides: Lafayette 2, West Virginia 1
100:00WVUJOHNSON, Zach at goalie for West Virginia.
100:00LCPianko, Andrew at goalie for Lafayette.
102:43LCCorner kick by LAFAYETT Ference, Steve.
103:15LCHeader Shot by LAFAYETT Barbieri, Chad WIDE.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
1 LCFoul on Lafayette.
108:19LCShot by LAFAYETT Aronica, Chip, SAVE JOHNSON, Zach.
117:03LCHeader Shot by LAFAYETT Feldbaum, Sam HIGH.
117:13WVUWVU substitution: BROOKS, Sean for STRATFORD, Dan.
117:13WVUWVU substitution: LINDROOS, Tony for CUNNINGHAM, Paul.
1 LCFoul on Lafayette.
1 LCFoul on Lafayette.
123:05LCLAFAYETT substitution: Miller, Kevin for Price, Mark.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
125:51WVUOffside against West Virginia.
126:54WVUShot by WVU PARADISE, Paul WIDE.
126:58LCLAFAYETT substitution: Macurdy, Stephen for Celentano, Mike.
129:35LCOffside against Lafayette.
131:44WVUShot by WVU BROOKS, Sean, SAVE Pianko, Andrew.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
132:57LCLAFAYETT substitution: Leigh, Nick for Aronica, Chip.
132:57WVUWVU substitution: COOPER, Reed for LINDROOS, Tony.
134:54LCLAFAYETT substitution: Kamine, Justin for Stearns, Kenn.
134:54LCLAFAYETT substitution: Tapsfield, David for Feldbaum, Sam.
135:16LCHeader Shot by LAFAYETT Barbieri, Chad, SAVE JOHNSON, Zach.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
137:44WVUShot by WVU PARADISE, Paul WIDE.
137:47WVUCorner kick by WVU BROOKS, Sean.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
1 LCFoul on Lafayette.
141:54LCLAFAYETT substitution: May, David for Miller, Kevin.
145:00LCEnd of period [45:00].
245:00LCStart of 2nd period [45:00].
245:32WVUShot by WVU WRIGHT, Andy HIT POST.
247:43WVUShot by WVU CUNNINGHAM, Paul, SAVE Pianko, Andrew.
252:49WVUShot by WVU PARADISE, Paul WIDE.
254:04LCLAFAYETT substitution: Feldbaum, Sam for Macurdy, Stephen.
254:09WVUShot by WVU PARADISE, Paul HIGH.
255:02LCLAFAYETT substitution: Kamine, Justin for Feldbaum, Sam.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
2 LCFoul on Lafayette.
259:40WVUWVU substitution: COOPER, Reed for HAGEY, Daniel.
259:52WVUCorner kick by WVU STRATFORD, Dan.
260:13WVUGOAL by WVU COOPER, Reed (FIRST GOAL), Assist by BRISTOL, Jason and WRIGHT, Andy.
2 WVU*following corner
261:49LCLAFAYETT substitution: Miller, Kevin for Price, Mark.
261:49WVUWVU substitution: HAGEY, Daniel for ANOIA, Mike.
265:28LCLAFAYETT substitution: Macurdy, Stephen for Celentano, Mike.
265:28LCLAFAYETT substitution: Tapsfield, David for Stearns, Kenn.
265:47LCYellow card on LAFAYETT Kamine, Justin.
267:54LCShot by LAFAYETT Aronica, Chip HIGH.
268:42LCOffside against Lafayette.
269:03WVUCorner kick by WVU STRATFORD, Dan.
269:26LCLAFAYETT substitution: May, David for Price, Mark.
274:59WVUShot by WVU WRIGHT, Andy HIT POST.
275:11WVUShot by WVU HAGEY, Daniel WIDE.
275:57LCCorner kick by LAFAYETT Ference, Steve.
276:12LCShot by LAFAYETT Miller, Kevin, SAVE JOHNSON, Zach.
276:15LCCorner kick by LAFAYETT Ference, Steve.
278:25WVUWVU substitution: BROOKS, Sean for PARADISE, Paul.
278:25LCLAFAYETT substitution: Price, Mark for Miller, Kevin.
278:25LCLAFAYETT substitution: Aronica, Chip for Tapsfield, David.
278:25LCLAFAYETT substitution: Celentano, Mike for Griffith, John.
280:21WVUShot by WVU HAGEY, Daniel WIDE.
282:41LCShot by LAFAYETT Macurdy, Stephen, SAVE JOHNSON, Zach.
2 LCFoul on Lafayette.
288:31LCCorner kick by LAFAYETT Macurdy, Stephen.
289:02LCCorner kick by LAFAYETT Miller, Kevin.
289:08LCShot by LAFAYETT Celentano, Mike, SAVE JOHNSON, Zach.
290:00LCEnd of period [90:00].