Georgetown vs West Virginia
October 18, 2009 at North Kehoe Field, Washington, DC

Attendance: 657
Weather: 40's, rainy
Stadium: North Kehoe Field
Goals by Period
West Virginia011
*00Jackie DesJardin0000
*10Claire Magliola0000
*11Sara Jordan0001
*12Camille Trujillo1100
*13Michaela Buonomo0000
*17Kelly D'Ambrisi0000
*19Caitlin Durkee1110
*20Norah Swanson1000
*5Catherine Cabot1100
*7Gabby Miller0000
*9Ingrid Wells0001
 14Samantha Baker5110
 18Amy Speck0000
 2Mollie Curran1000
*0Kerri Butler0000
*10Steph Carpenter0000
*12Meghan Lewis0000
*13Nicole Mailloux0000
*14Chelsey Corroto0000
*17Erica Henderson0000
*3Blake Miller0000
*31Carolyn Blank2100
*4Bri Rodriguez1110
*7Megan Mischler2100
*8Caroline Szwed0001
 21Sydney Metheny0000
 25Morgan Betscher1000
 33Bry McCarthy1000
 5Ashtin Larkin0000
00Jackie DesJardin90:0012
0Kerri Butler90:0022
Shots By Period
West Virginia347
Saves By Period
West Virginia022
Corner Kicks
West Virginia000
West Virginia538
Scoring Summary
#TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
119:32GUCaitlin DurkeeSara Jordan, Ingrid Wellscrossed by #11, passed on, received at b
253:02WVUBri RodriguezCaroline Szwedchipped past keeper on end line
357:59GUSamantha Bakercurling shot along the ground
Cautions and ejections: Yellow-Nicole Mailloux (WVU) 24:10, Yellow-Megan Mischler (WVU) 86:00
Offsides: Georgetown 5, West Virginia 1
100:00WVUBUTLER, Kerri at goalie for West Virginia.
100:00GUDESJARDIN, Jackie at goalie for Georgetown.
103:57WVUShot by WVU BLANK, Carolyn, SAVE DESJARDIN, Jackie.
104:24GUOffside against Georgetown.
105:15GUCorner kick by GU DURKEE, Caitlin [05:15].
1 GUFoul on Georgetown.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
119:32GUGOAL by GU DURKEE, Caitlin (FIRST GOAL), Assist by JORDAN, Sara and WELLS, Ingrid, goal number 4 for season.
1 GU*crossed by #11, passed on, received at back post by #19
120:27GUCorner kick by GU [20:27].
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
123:13WVUWVU substitution: BETSCHER, Morgan for RODRIGUEZ, Bri.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
124:10WVUYellow card on WVU MAILLOUX, Nicole.
1 GUFoul on Georgetown.
127:55GUGU substitution: BAKER, Samantha for TRUJILLO, Camille.
127:55WVUWVU substitution: McCARTHY, Bry for CORROTO, Chelsey.
128:39GUOffside against Georgetown.
132:31GUOffside against Georgetown.
135:03WVUShot by WVU BLANK, Carolyn HIGH.
135:30WVUWVU substitution: LARKIN, Ashtin for SZWED, Caroline.
136:25GUOffside against Georgetown.
136:36GUGU substitution: CURRAN, Mollie for JORDAN, Sara.
137:32GUShot by GU SWANSON, Norah HIGH.
137:34WVUWVU substitution: METHENY, Sydney for MILLER, Blake.
139:01GUOffside against Georgetown.
142:20GUGU substitution: SPECK, Amy for WELLS, Ingrid.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
142:42GUShot by GU BAKER, Samantha BLOCKED.
142:45GUShot by GU CURRAN, Mollie BLOCKED.
142:47GUShot by GU BAKER, Samantha HIGH.
145:00GUEnd of period [45:00].
145:00WVUFor WVU: #3 MILLER, Blake, #4 RODRIGUEZ, Bri, #7 MISCHLER, Megan, #8 SZWED, Caroline, #10 CARPENTER, Steph, #12 LEWIS, Meghan, #13 MAILLOUX, Nicole, #14 CORROTO, Chelsey, #17 HENDERSON, Erica, #31 BLANK, Carolyn, #0 BUTLER, Kerri.
145:00GUFor GU: #00 DESJARDIN, Jackie, #5 CABOT, Catherine, #7 MILLER, Gabby, #10 MAGLIOLA, Claire, #11 JORDAN, Sara, #12 TRUJILLO, Camille, #13 BUONOMO, Michaela, #17 D'AMBRISI, Kelly, #19 DURKEE, Caitlin, #20 SWANSON, Norah, #18 SPECK, Amy.
245:00GUStart of 2nd period [45:00].
245:28WVUShot by WVU MISCHLER, Megan, SAVE DESJARDIN, Jackie.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
250:26GUGU substitution: TRUJILLO, Camille for CURRAN, Mollie.
253:02WVUGOAL by WVU RODRIGUEZ, Bri, Assist by SZWED, Caroline, goal number 1 for season.
2 WVU*chipped past keeper on end line
253:57GUCorner kick by GU BAKER, Samantha [53:57].
254:33GUGU substitution: WELLS, Ingrid for D'AMBRISI, Kelly.
255:43GUShot by GU BAKER, Samantha WIDE.
257:59GUGOAL by GU BAKER, Samantha, goal number 5 for season.
2 GU*curling shot along the ground
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
265:52WVUShot by WVU McCARTHY, Bry WIDE.
271:17WVUWVU substitution: CORROTO, Chelsey for MILLER, Blake.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
272:49GUHeader Shot by GU CABOT, Catherine, SAVE BUTLER, Kerri.
274:03GUCorner kick by GU DURKEE, Caitlin [74:03].
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
276:06WVUWVU substitution: BETSCHER, Morgan for McCARTHY, Bry.
276:06GUGU substitution: BAKER, Samantha for JORDAN, Sara.
278:22WVUOffside against West Virginia.
279:03WVUYellow card on WVU TEAM.
279:23WVUShot by WVU BETSCHER, Morgan WIDE.
279:31WVUWVU substitution: MILLER, Blake for CORROTO, Chelsey.
280:41GUShot by GU BAKER, Samantha HIGH.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
283:11GUShot by GU TRUJILLO, Camille, SAVE BUTLER, Kerri.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
2 GUFoul on Georgetown.
286:00WVUYellow card on WVU MISCHLER, Megan.
290:00GUEnd of period [90:00].