High Point vs West Virginia
September 11, 2011 at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium, Morgantown, WV

Attendance: 571
Stadium: Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium
Goals by Period
High Point000
West Virginia101
*0Andrea Ritchie0000
*12Becca Hemby0000
*14Katie Harris0000
*20Melissa Sweredoski0000
*21Danniel Rosado0000
*25Alise Lecompte0000
*26Jacky Kessler2100
*33Kelli Joline0000
*4Janay Whittaker0000
*5Sammy Vercellino0000
*9Katie Taber0000
 10Taber Lewis0000
 16Brooke Lisson0000
 17Danielle Schepler1100
 2Jenny Butler1000
 28Jenny Ashurst0000
 8Alex Cranston0000
*12Meghan Lewis0000
*17Erica Henderson0001
*22Mallory Smith1000
*23Sara Keane0000
*3Blake Miller6210
*33Bry McCarthy0000
*4Bri Rodriguez1000
*6Drea Barklage1100
*8Caroline Szwed0000
*9Frances Silva4100
*99Kate Schwindel0000
 1Emily Dillon2000
 10Jess Crowder1100
 14Chelsey Corroto0000
 5Katie Lenz0001
 7Morgan Betscher0000
0Andrea Ritchie90:0014
23Sara Keane90:0002
Shots By Period
High Point224
West Virginia61016
Saves By Period
High Point134
West Virginia112
Corner Kicks
High Point011
West Virginia448
High Point347
West Virginia369
Scoring Summary
#TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
137:48WVUBlake MillerKatie Lenz, Erica Hendersonshot from 14 yards, off cross and flick
Cautions and ejections: none
Offsides: High Point , West Virginia
100:00HPRitchie, Andrea at goalie for High Point.
100:00WVUKEANE, Sara at goalie for West Virginia.
100:00WVUStart of 1st period [00:00].
102:10HPShot by HPU Kessler, Jacky WIDE.
1 WVUGame was delayed in 4th min for 1 hour, 23 minutes due to lightning
1 HPFoul on High Point.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
116:25HPHPU substitution: Schepler, Danielle for Taber, Katie.
118:31WVUShot by WVU SILVA, Frances WIDE.
119:44WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [19:44].
120:36WVUShot by WVU MILLER, Blake WIDE.
122:07WVUShot by WVU MILLER, Blake WIDE.
122:14WVUWVU substitution: CORROTO, Chelsey for SMITH, Mallory.
123:23WVUOffside against West Virginia.
125:14WVUCorner kick by WVU SCHWINDEL, Kate [25:14].
127:42WVUWVU substitution: DILLON, Emily for SILVA, Frances.
127:42WVUWVU substitution: LENZ, Katie for SCHWINDEL, Kate.
1 HPFoul on High Point.
129:18WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [29:18].
131:28WVUWVU substitution: CROWDER, Jessica for RODRIGUEZ, Bri.
131:28HPHPU substitution: Lisson, Brooke for Sweredowski, Melissa.
133:53WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [33:53].
134:06HPHPU substitution: Ashurst, Jenny for Rosado, Danniel.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
135:16HPHPU substitution: Butler, Jenny for Kessler, Jacky.
1 WVUGame was delayed in 36th min for 32 minutes due to lightning
138:39HPHPU substitution: Butler, Jenny for Kessler, Jacky.
137:48WVUGOAL by WVU MILLER, Blake (FIRST GOAL), Assist by LENZ, Katie and HENDERSON, Erica, goal number 2 for season.
1 WVU*shot from 14 yards, off cross and flick
138:06HPShot by HPU Schepler, Danielle, SAVE KEANE, Sara.
138:51WVUHeader Shot by WVU MILLER, Blake WIDE.
138:55HPHPU substitution: Lewis, Taber for Harris, Katie.
1 HPFoul on High Point.
141:22WVUShot by WVU CROWDER, Jessica, SAVE Ritchie, Andrea.
142:51HPHPU substitution: Cranston, Alex for Vercellino, Sammy.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
145:00WVUEnd of period [45:00].
245:00WVUStart of 2nd period [45:00].
245:00HPFor HPU: #0 Ritchie, Andrea, #21 Rosado, Danniel, #9 Taber, Katie, #4 Whittaker, Janay, #26 Kessler, Jacky, #12 Hemby, Becca, #14 Harris, Katie, #25 Lecompte, Alise, #20 Sweredowski, Melissa, #5 Vercellino, Sammy, #33 Joline, Kelli.
245:00WVUFor WVU: #23 KEANE, Sara, #3 MILLER, Blake, #4 RODRIGUEZ, Bri, #6 BARKLAGE, Drea, #8 SZWED, Caroline, #9 SILVA, Frances, #12 LEWIS, Meghan, #17 HENDERSON, Erica, #22 SMITH, Mallory, #33 McCARTHY, Bry, #99 SCHWINDEL, Kate.
246:39WVUShot by WVU SMITH, Mallory BLOCKED.
248:13WVUCorner kick by WVU SCHWINDEL, Kate [48:13].
249:09WVUShot by WVU MILLER, Blake, SAVE Ritchie, Andrea.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
253:04WVUShot by WVU SILVA, Frances, SAVE Ritchie, Andrea.
253:48HPHPU substitution: Lewis, Taber for Sweredowski, Melissa.
254:00WVUShot by WVU MILLER, Blake HIGH.
256:16WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [56:16].
257:17HPHPU substitution: Lisson, Brooke for Kessler, Jacky.
2 HPFoul on High Point.
258:35WVUShot by WVU SILVA, Frances HIGH.
2 HPFoul on High Point.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
262:14WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [62:14].
262:29HPHPU substitution: Ashurst, Jenny for Rosado, Danniel.
262:29HPHPU substitution: Schepler, Danielle for Taber, Katie.
266:04WVUShot by WVU BARKLAGE, Drea, SAVE Ritchie, Andrea.
2 HPFoul on High Point.
267:50WVUCorner kick by WVU McCARTHY, Bry [67:50].
269:05WVUWVU substitution: LENZ, Katie for SILVA, Frances.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
270:30WVUWVU substitution: DILLON, Emily for SCHWINDEL, Kate.
270:30HPHPU substitution: Kessler, Jacky for Joline, Kelli.
272:19WVUWVU substitution: CORROTO, Chelsey for SMITH, Mallory.
273:51WVUShot by WVU DILLON, Emily WIDE.
274:56HPHPU substitution: Rosado, Danniel for Vercellino, Sammy.
274:56WVUWVU substitution: BETSCHER, Morgan for RODRIGUEZ, Bri.
275:23WVUShot by WVU DILLON, Emily WIDE.
275:36HPHPU substitution: Butler, Jenny for Lewis, Taber.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
279:01HPHPU substitution: Taber, Katie for Schepler, Danielle.
279:21HPCorner kick by HPU [79:21].
2 HPFoul on High Point.
280:30HPShot by HPU Butler, Jenny WIDE.
282:10WVUWVU substitution: SMITH, Mallory for BETSCHER, Morgan.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
285:15HPShot by HPU Kessler, Jacky, SAVE KEANE, Sara.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
287:35HPHPU substitution: Schepler, Danielle for Kessler, Jacky.
287:35WVUWVU substitution: SILVA, Frances for DILLON, Emily.
288:51HPHPU substitution: Joline, Kelli for Lisson, Brooke.
289:32WVUWVU substitution: CROWDER, Jessica for SMITH, Mallory.
289:55WVUShot by WVU SILVA, Frances HIT POST.
290:00WVUEnd of period [90:00].