Princeton vs #21 West Virginia
November 10, 2012 at Dick Dlesk, Morgantown, WV

Attendance: 945
Stadium: Dick Dlesk
Goals by Period
West Virginia011
*1Claire Pinciaro0000
*13Diane Metcalf-Leggette0000
*17Alison Nabatoff0000
*18Kristyna Smith0000
*2Jen Hoy3210
*22Caitlin Blosser3000
*23Lynessa McGee2110
*26Gabrielle Ragazzo1100
*3Lauren Lazo2100
*4Gabriella Guzman0000
*9Rachel Sheehy0000
 10Jessica Haley0000
 19Catherine Hartigan0000
 27Emily Sura1100
*10Jess Crowder0000
*22Mallory Smith0000
*23Sara Keane0000
*27Amanda Hill0000
*3Leah Emaus0000
*32Kara Blosser3200
*33Bry McCarthy1000
*4Bri Rodriguez3100
*7Kelsie Maloney2101
*9Frances Silva4210
*99Kate Schwindel7200
 14Annalika Steyn0000
 16Kailey Utley0000
 20Ali Connelly0000
1Claire Pinciaro90:0017
23Sara Keane90:0024
Shots By Period
West Virginia11920
Saves By Period
West Virginia134
Corner Kicks
West Virginia516
West Virginia325
Scoring Summary
#TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
14:49PRINLynessa McGeeshot (deflected) into top right corner f
253:59PRINJen Hoybreakaway on long ball up the middle, be
381:39WVUFrances SilvaKelsie Maloneyheader from 6 yards out on cross from le
Cautions and ejections: none
Offsides: Princeton , West Virginia
100:00PRINPinciaro, Claire at goalie for Princeton.
100:00WVUKeane, Sara at goalie for West Virginia.
100:00WVUStart of 1st period [00:00].
102:21WVUShot by WVU Blosser, Kara, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
104:49PRINGOAL by PRIN McGee, Lynessa (FIRST GOAL), goal number 4 for season.
1 PRIN*shot (deflected) into top right corner from 16 yards out
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
105:55WVUHeader Shot by WVU Blosser, Kara, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
109:13WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate BLOCKED.
109:53WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [09:53].
110:59PRINShot by PRIN Hoy, Jen HIT CROSSBAR.
116:36WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [16:36].
117:34WVUShot by WVU Maloney, Kelsie, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
119:01PRINShot by PRIN Lazo, Lauren WIDE.
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
121:07WVUShot by WVU Rodriguez, Bri, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
124:21PRINShot by PRIN McGee, Lynessa WIDE.
125:33PRINCorner kick by PRIN Sheehy, Rachel [25:33].
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
129:32WVUOffside against West Virginia.
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
131:00WVUShot by WVU Silva, Frances HIT CROSSBAR.
131:34WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [31:34].
131:39WVUHeader Shot by WVU Blosser, Kara WIDE.
132:23WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
133:54WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [33:54].
134:07PRINPRIN substitution: Haley, Jessica for McGee, Lynessa.
136:08WVUHeader Shot by WVU Silva, Frances, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
136:36WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [36:36].
1 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
138:03WVUShot by WVU Maloney, Kelsie HIGH.
1 PRINFoul on Princeton.
141:04PRINShot by PRIN Ragazzo, Gabrielle, SAVE Keane, Sara.
143:28WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate HIT CROSSBAR.
143:42WVUOffside against West Virginia.
145:00WVUEnd of period [45:00].
145:00WVUFor WVU: #23 Keane, Sara, #3 Emaus, Leah, #4 Rodriguez, Bri, #7 Maloney, Kelsie, #9 Silva, Frances, #10 Crowder, Jess, #22 Smith, Mallory, #27 Hill, Amanda, #32 Blosser, Kara, #33 McCarthy, Bry, #99 Schwindel, Kate.
145:00PRINFor PRIN: #1 Pinciaro, Claire, #2 Hoy, Jen, #3 Lazo, Lauren, #4 Guzman, Gabriella, #9 Sheehy, Rachel, #13 Metcalf-Leggette, D., #17 Nabatoff, Alison, #18 Smith, Kristyna, #22 Blosser, Caitlin, #23 McGee, Lynessa, #26 Ragazzo, Gabrielle.
245:00WVUStart of 2nd period [45:00].
248:48PRINShot by PRIN Blosser, Caitlin WIDE.
249:30WVUShot by WVU Rodriguez, Bri WIDE.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
253:59PRINGOAL by PRIN Hoy, Jen, goal number 18 for season.
2 PRIN*breakaway on long ball up the middle, beat GK 1v1
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
256:41WVUShot by WVU McCarthy, Bry HIGH.
257:31PRINShot by PRIN Blosser, Caitlin WIDE.
2 WVUGame was delayed for 16 minutes for an injured Princeton player
257:57PRINPRIN substitution: Sura, Emily for McGee, Lynessa.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
262:15WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate, SAVE Pinciaro, Claire.
262:53WVUOffside against West Virginia.
263:42PRINShot by PRIN Lazo, Lauren, SAVE Keane, Sara.
265:23WVUHeader Shot by WVU Silva, Frances WIDE.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
267:04PRINShot by PRIN Sura, Emily, SAVE Keane, Sara.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
267:35PRINShot by PRIN Blosser, Caitlin BLOCKED.
2 WVUFoul on West Virginia.
268:35WVUWVU substitution: Utley, Kailey for Maloney, Kelsie.
271:36WVUWVU substitution: Steyn, Annalika for Blosser, Kara.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
273:03PRINShot by PRIN Hoy, Jen, SAVE Keane, Sara.
273:29WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate BLOCKED.
276:12PRINPRIN substitution: Hartigan, Catherine for Sura, Emily.
276:12WVUWVU substitution: Connelly, Ali for Rodriguez, Bri.
276:12WVUWVU substitution: Maloney, Kelsie for Utley, Kailey.
276:34PRINCorner kick by PRIN Sheehy, Rachel [76:34].
276:12WVUWVU substitution: Blosser, Kara for Steyn, Annalika.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
279:06WVUWVU substitution: Rodriguez, Bri for Connelly, Ali.
281:39WVUHeader GOAL by WVU Silva, Frances, Assist by Maloney, Kelsie, goal number 11 for season.
2 WVU*header from 6 yards out on cross from left flank
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
282:30WVUShot by WVU Rodriguez, Bri HIGH.
285:34WVUCorner kick by WVU McCarthy, Bry [85:34].
285:48PRINPRIN substitution: Sura, Emily for Hartigan, Catherine.
287:05WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate HIGH.
287:45WVUShot by WVU Schwindel, Kate WIDE.
2 PRINFoul on Princeton.
290:00WVUEnd of period [90:00].