La Salle vs #6 West Virginia
September 17, 2017 at Roberts Stadium, Princeton, NJ

Attendance: 202
Weather: 70s, cloudy
Stadium: Roberts Stadium
Goals by Period
La Salle000
West Virginia101
m16Taylor Newhart0000
m23Danielle Marx0000
m27Julia Rufe0000
m7Kristin Haugstad1000
gk13Larisa Zambelli0000
f10Maci Bower0000
f11Jess Shanahan0000
d14Chloe Lewis0000
d21Paige McDowell0000
d3Marcela Robinson0000
d5Jenna Soriano0000
 12Katherine Hennessey0000
 25Emily Wilkinson0000
 4Jesse Bareilles0000
 6Amirah Louketis1000
 9Madison Bower0000
m10Carla Portillo0000
m22Alli Magaletta2000
m7Grace Cutler2100
gk25Rylee Foster0000
f20Hannah Abraham1000
f5Michaela Abam9110
f99Sh'Nia Gordon3000
d11Amandine Pierre-Louis2100
d16Easther Mayi Kith0000
d26Vanessa Flores0000
d4Bianca St. Georges2100
 2Jade Gentile1000
 24Grace Smith1000
 6Heather Kaleiohi3000
 8Issy Coombes0000
 9Lauren Segalla2100
13Larisa Zambelli90:0014
25Rylee Foster90:0000
Shots By Period
La Salle112
West Virginia151328
Saves By Period
La Salle314
West Virginia000
Corner Kicks
La Salle000
West Virginia123
La Salle5712
West Virginia459
Scoring Summary
#TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
119:54WVUMichaela Abam
Cautions and ejections: Yellow-NONE (LAS) 19:54, Yellow-Madison Bower (LAS) 89:42
Offsides: La Salle 3, West Virginia 3
100:00WVURylee Foster at goalie for West Virginia.
100:00LASZAMBELLI, Larisa at goalie for La Salle.
1LASFoul on La Salle.
102:42WVUHeader Shot by WVU Michaela Abam WIDE LEFT.
103:56WVUOffside against West Virginia.
104:48WVUShot by WVU Hannah Abraham HIGH.
106:20WVUShot by WVU Sh'Nia Gordon HIGH.
108:53WVUCorner kick by WVU Bianca St. Georges [08:53].
110:32WVUShot by WVU A. Pierre-Louis WIDE LEFT.
1LASFoul on La Salle.
116:42WVUShot by WVU Bianca St. Georges, SAVE ZAMBELLI, Larisa.
117:26LASOffside against La Salle.
1LASFoul on La Salle.
1LASFoul on La Salle.
119:54WVUWVU Michaela Abam PENALTY KICK GOAL, goal number 3 for season.
119:54LASYellow card on LAS TEAM.
1WVUFoul on West Virginia.
121:50WVUShot by WVU Michaela Abam HIGH.
123:15WVUHeader Shot by WVU Michaela Abam WIDE LEFT.
124:49LASLAS substitution: LOUKETIS, Amirah for SHANAHAN, Jess.
124:49WVUWVU substitution: Heather Kaleiohi for Hannah Abraham.
1WVUFoul on West Virginia.
128:59WVUShot by WVU Michaela Abam WIDE LEFT.
129:07WVUWVU substitution: Jade Gentile for Sh'Nia Gordon.
129:07WVUWVU substitution: Lauren Segalla for Carla Portillo.
129:07LASLAS substitution: HENNESSEY, Katherine for HAUGSTAD, Kristin.
130:14WVUWVU substitution: Grace Smith for Grace Cutler.
1WVUFoul on West Virginia.
131:58WVUShot by WVU Alli Magaletta HIGH.
132:01LASLAS substitution: BOWER, Madison for BOWER, Maci.
132:48LASOffside against La Salle.
133:15LASLAS substitution: WILKINSON, Emily for MARX, Danielle.
135:18WVUShot by WVU A. Pierre-Louis, SAVE ZAMBELLI, Larisa.
136:28WVUShot by WVU Lauren Segalla, SAVE ZAMBELLI, Larisa.
1LASFoul on La Salle.
139:51WVUShot by WVU Grace Smith BLOCKED.
139:54WVUShot by WVU Lauren Segalla WIDE RIGHT.
143:33WVUShot by WVU Heather Kaleiohi HIGH.
143:37LASLAS substitution: BAREILLES, Jesse for BOWER, Madison.
1WVUFoul on West Virginia.
144:05WVUWVU substitution: Issy Coombes for Alli Magaletta.
145:00 End of period [45:00].
245:00 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
245:00WVUFor WVU: #25 Rylee Foster, #4 Bianca St. Georges, #5 Michaela Abam, #10 Carla Portillo, #11 A. Pierre-Louis, #16 Easther Mayi Kith, #20 Hannah Abraham, #22 Alli Magaletta, #26 Vanessa Flores, #39 Grace Cutler, #99 Sh'Nia Gordon.
245:00LASFor LAS: #10 BOWER, Maci, #23 MARX, Danielle, #7 HAUGSTAD, Kristin, #27 RUFE, Julia, #11 SHANAHAN, Jess, #21 MCDOWELL, Paige, #5 SORIANO, Jenna, #3 ROBINSON, Marcela, #14 LEWIS, Chloe, #16 NEWHART, Taylor, #13 ZAMBELLI, Larisa.
2WVUFoul on West Virginia.
249:11WVUHeader Shot by WVU Michaela Abam WIDE LEFT.
249:20WVUOffside against West Virginia.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
253:33WVUOffside against West Virginia.
254:23WVUShot by WVU Sh'Nia Gordon HIT POST.
2WVUFoul on West Virginia.
255:49WVUShot by WVU Michaela Abam WIDE RIGHT.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
260:19LASLAS substitution: LOUKETIS, Amirah for BOWER, Maci.
260:19WVUWVU substitution: Heather Kaleiohi for Hannah Abraham.
260:59WVUShot by WVU Grace Cutler WIDE LEFT.
262:26WVUHeader Shot by WVU Grace Cutler, SAVE ZAMBELLI, Larisa.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
263:14LASLAS substitution: WILKINSON, Emily for RUFE, Julia.
263:14WVUWVU substitution: Lauren Segalla for Michaela Abam.
264:59LASShot by LAS HAUGSTAD, Kristin HIGH.
2WVUFoul on West Virginia.
2WVUFoul on West Virginia.
266:48LASLAS substitution: HENNESSEY, Katherine for SHANAHAN, Jess.
266:48WVUWVU substitution: Grace Smith for Alli Magaletta.
266:48WVUWVU substitution: Jade Gentile for Sh'Nia Gordon.
269:02WVUWVU substitution: Michaela Abam for Grace Cutler.
269:16WVUShot by WVU Michaela Abam HIGH.
271:07LASLAS substitution: BOWER, Maci for HAUGSTAD, Kristin.
2WVUFoul on West Virginia.
273:17WVUCorner kick by WVU Carla Portillo [73:17].
273:26WVUShot by WVU Jade Gentile BLOCKED.
273:36LASLAS substitution: BOWER, Madison for WILKINSON, Emily.
275:13WVUWVU substitution: Sh'Nia Gordon for Lauren Segalla.
275:13WVUWVU substitution: Alli Magaletta for Carla Portillo.
276:27WVUShot by WVU Sh'Nia Gordon HIGH.
278:05WVUCorner kick by WVU Bianca St. Georges [78:05].
278:13WVUHeader Shot by WVU Alli Magaletta WIDE RIGHT.
278:39LASOffside against La Salle.
279:23LASLAS substitution: HAUGSTAD, Kristin for HENNESSEY, Katherine.
281:01WVUShot by WVU Bianca St. Georges HIGH.
281:04WVUWVU substitution: Grace Cutler for Jade Gentile.
283:14WVUShot by WVU Michaela Abam HIGH.
283:38WVUShot by WVU Heather Kaleiohi HIGH.
284:43WVUShot by WVU Heather Kaleiohi BLOCKED.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
2LASFoul on La Salle.
289:42LASYellow card on LAS BOWER, Madison.
290:00 End of period [90:00].