Games against Fighting Irish

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Date Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Conf. Site Location H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
March 18, 201713Notre Dame14KeyBank CenterBuffalo, NYN 8371W19,261
February 22, 2012 Notre Dame20*Purcell PavilionNotre Dame, INA 4471L8,265
February 8, 2012 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5155L9,258
February 19, 2011 Notre Dame8*WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7258W12,298
March 12, 20107Notre Dame Madison Square GardenNew York, NYN 5351W19,375
January 9, 20108Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6870L9,149
March 11, 2009 Notre Dame Madison Square GardenNew York, NYN 7462W19,375
February 18, 2009 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7968W13,126
January 3, 2008 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 5669L8,327
January 9, 200721Notre Dame22*Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 5861L8,147
February 1, 200611Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7170W13,672
January 19, 2005 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5770L7,848
March 10, 2004 Notre Dame Madison Square GardenNew York, NYN 6465L19,528
January 7, 2004 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 5263L8,643
February 18, 2003 Notre Dame12*WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5556L5,865
January 29, 2003 Notre Dame11*Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6988L11,418
February 20, 2002 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 7689L10,821
January 9, 2002 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6467L6,552
February 11, 2001 Notre Dame20*WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6669L11,179
January 21, 2001 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6178L11,058
February 2, 2000 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6579L8,968
February 21, 1999 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6971L10,434
February 14, 1999 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 8580W7,007
January 15, 199821Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7274L10,398
February 11, 1997 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 7690L9,007
January 25, 1997 Notre Dame *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6766W12,621
January 27, 1996 Notre Dame *Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 6959W11,418
January 13, 1992 Notre Dame WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 8767W13,759
January 15, 1991 Notre Dame Joyce CenterNotre Dame, INA 7084L9,465
January 17, 1987 Notre Dame Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 5755W11,418
February 17, 1979 Notre Dame3WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5470L15,118
January 25, 1978 Notre Dame5Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 82103L11,345
February 19, 1977 Notre Dame WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 8168W13,151
February 14, 1976 Notre Dame10Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 7797L11,345
February 23, 1974 Notre Dame2Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 80108L11,345
February 22, 1973 Notre Dame WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7392L7,547
February 3, 1972 Notre Dame Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 9787W6,140
February 20, 1971 Notre Dame14WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 98107L13,652
February 21, 1970 Notre Dame14Athletic and Convocation CenterNotre Dame, INA 78114L11,343
December 29, 1969 Notre Dame11Loyola Field HouseNew Orleans, LAN 8084L5,745