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SeasonDate Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Site H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
2023December 8, 20235Clemson14Lynn Family StadiumN 01L 
2023December 2, 20235Loyola Marymount25Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 31W3,109
2023November 25, 20235Vermont Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W1,743
2023November 19, 20235Louisville20Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W3,137
2023November 12, 20235Marshall1Hoops Family FieldA 23L3,151
2023November 8, 20235South Carolina UCF Soccer ComplexN 20W205
2023November 5, 20237Georgia State UCF Soccer ComplexN 31W 
2023October 31, 20237Old Dominion Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W773
2023October 27, 20232Kentucky Wendell & Vickie Bell Soccer ComplexA 01L1,172
2023October 22, 20232Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina Soccer StadiumA 20W312
2023October 18, 20235Marshall1Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 52W3,147
2023October 12, 20237South Carolina Stone StadiumA 32W4,374
2023October 8, 20237James Madison Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 22T1,218
2023October 4, 20233Loyola, MD Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 11T1,050
2023September 30, 20234Georgia State GSU Soccer ComplexA 43W200
2023September 26, 20234North Carolina-Greensboro UNCG Soccer StadiumA 21W1,126
2023September 22, 20232Georgia Southern Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 00T1,536
2023September 19, 20232Dayton Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W808
2023September 15, 20234UCF5UCF Soccer ComplexA 22T1,061
2023September 9, 202316Portland3Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W777
2023September 5, 202316American Reeves FieldA 21W142
2022September 6, 202223American Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 41W733
2022September 2, 20226Penn State21Jeffrey FieldA 23L1,438
2022August 29, 20226Pitt7Ambrose Urbanic FieldA 03L 
2022August 25, 20226Robert Morris Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W1,141
2021December 4, 202121Georgetown7Shaw FieldA311T3,027
2021November 27, 202121Tulsa2Hurricane Soccer & Track StadiumA210W762
2021November 21, 202121Virginia Tech Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH311T1,017
2021November 11, 202121Georgia State NIU Soccer and Track & Field ComplexN 01L50
2021October 23, 202125Elon Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 31W682
2021October 19, 202125Kentucky4Wendell & Vickie Bell Soccer ComplexA201L1,309
2021October 16, 202121Western Michigan WMU Soccer ComplexA 21W915
2021October 9, 20214Northern Illinois NIU Soccer and Track & Field ComplexA 02L517
2021October 5, 20214Lehigh Ulrich Sports Cmplx.A211T217
2021September 30, 20213Akron Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH200T1,328
2021September 25, 20214St. Bonaventure Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 40W857
2021September 21, 20214Dayton Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 30W427
2021September 17, 20214Marshall6Hoops Family FieldA222T3,033
2021September 10, 20215Ohio State Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W2,443
2019October 4, 201923San Diego25Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 14L1,346
2019September 21, 201920Dayton Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 02L703
2019September 17, 201920Cincinnati Gettler StadiumA121W651
2019September 13, 201924Coastal Carolina12Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 52W927
2019September 10, 201924Charlotte17Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH200T897
2019September 7, 201924Wright State Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W1,512
2019September 2, 201923Delaware Grant StadiumA 01L300
2019August 30, 201923Monmouth Hesse Field on The Great LawnA 10W770
2018November 18, 201818Georgetown12Shaw FieldA 01L 
2018November 15, 201818Long Island Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 42W207
2018November 9, 201812Akron Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 13L250
2018November 3, 201816Northern Illinois NIU Soccer ComplexA 43W 
2017September 9, 201714UCF Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH200T582
2017September 4, 201719Monmouth Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 00T 
2017September 1, 201719Wright State Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 41W651
2016October 10, 201624Maryland1Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 01L2,019
2016October 7, 201624Bowling Green Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 01L723
2016October 1, 201617St. Mary's Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH112L452
2011November 6, 201123St. John's Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 02L1,013
2011October 15, 201123Marquette Valley FieldsA 12L502
2011October 12, 201123Pitt Ambrose Urbanic FieldA 20W337
2011September 25, 201119USF21Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 12L1,375
2011September 18, 201123Duquesne Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 31W1,077
2011September 16, 201123Richmond Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 41W1,075
2011September 11, 201112Cal Poly Alex G. Spanos StadiumA 00T1,041
2011September 9, 201112UCSB6Harder StadiumA 02L3,136
2011September 2, 201112Binghamton Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W1,850
2010October 2, 201021Georgetown North Kehoe FieldA 01L743
2010September 29, 201021Duquesne Rooney FieldA 00T230
2008August 31, 200815Duquesne Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH200T876
2008August 29, 200815Lafayette Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 01L1,248
2007December 2, 200718Wake Forest1W. Dennie Spry StadiumA 13L1,614
2007November 28, 200718Virginia25Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W1,112
2007November 10, 200716Louisville Trager StadiumA222T1,587
2007November 7, 200716Villanova Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 20W777
2007November 3, 200720Providence Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 30W1,110
2007October 31, 200720Lafayette Metzgar FieldsA 10W192
2007October 27, 200720Seton Hall Owen T. Carroll FieldA 30W499
2007October 24, 200720Marquette Valley FieldsA200T317
2007October 19, 200720Connecticut1Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W1,773
2007October 16, 200720Navy Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 01L649
2007October 13, 200719Georgetown Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH110W887
2007October 10, 200719Pitt Founders FieldA 31W217
2007October 6, 200713Notre Dame3Alumni FieldA 01L1,571
2007September 30, 20078USF16Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH201L916
2007September 28, 20078DePaul Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W1,130
2007September 23, 20075Syracuse Soccer Stadium at the Lampe Athletics CoA210W1,010
2007September 21, 20075St. John's Belson StadiumA 01L1,284
2007September 15, 200713Duke5Koskinen FieldA 10W3,981
2007September 10, 200720Duquesne Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W937
2007September 7, 200720Maryland6Kehoe Track at Ludwig FieldA110W5,022
2007September 2, 200713Penn State Jesse Owens Memorial StadiumN 10W200
2007August 31, 200713Ohio State Jesse Owens Memorial StadiumA 01L700
2006November 15, 200617North Carolina-Greensboro Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH212L821
2006November 5, 20064St. John's Yurcak FieldN101L518
2006November 3, 20064Rutgers Yurcak FieldA200T1,400
2006October 28, 20064USF Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 10W705
2006October 21, 20064Providence Glay FieldA 10W201
2006October 18, 20064Notre Dame6Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W2,153
2006October 14, 20066Georgetown Kehoe FieldA 20W1,114
2006October 11, 20066American Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH121W372
2006October 7, 20065Marquette Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 40W866
2006September 30, 20069Connecticut Joseph J. Morrone StadiumA 30W4,619
2006September 27, 20069Penn State Jeffrey FieldA 21W751
2006September 23, 20068Seton Hall21Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 53W703
2006September 19, 20068Virginia2Klockner StadiumA112L2,171
2006September 17, 20068DePaul Wish FieldA 30W148
2006September 15, 20068USF16USF Soccer/Track StadiumA222T989
2006September 10, 200610Louisville Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 21W568
2006September 8, 200610Cincinnati Dick Dlesk Soccer StadiumH 20W713