Games against Nittany Lions

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Date Rank Opponent Opp. Rank Conf. Site Location H/A OTs WVU Opp W/L Attendance
January 31, 1991 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6366L10,209
January 10, 1991 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 8890L5,708
February 25, 1990 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH17971W10,961
February 22, 1990 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6164L7,155
March 6, 198915Penn State PalestraPhiladelphia, PAN 6486L5,214
March 1, 198915Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7161W4,787
February 11, 198915Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 10067W13,019
February 11, 1988 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA16163L2,836
January 2, 1988 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6451W9,261
February 7, 1987 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7761W6,153
January 28, 1987 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7552W5,017
February 6, 1986 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6146W6,114
January 13, 1986 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6353W4,014
February 16, 1985 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7565W9,131
January 24, 1985 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6956W2,718
February 18, 1984 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7059W3,861
January 26, 1984 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 9280W8,484
March 9, 1983 Penn State Pittsburgh Civic ArenaPittsburgh, PAN 8272W5,092
February 16, 1983 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 10184W12,846
January 13, 1983 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7479L5,058
January 18, 1982 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7568W12,771
January 21, 1981 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 5552W4,275
January 16, 1980 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7175L9,799
December 8, 1979 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA16668L6,380
January 17, 1979 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7253W3,261
December 9, 1978 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5647W6,694
February 15, 1978 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7576L2,782
January 30, 1978 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7868W4,267
February 16, 1977 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6981L2,504
January 8, 1977 Penn State *WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 9272W10,160
February 18, 1976 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 10387W6,012
January 24, 1976 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6964W2,596
February 19, 1975 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 6566L7,870
January 11, 1975 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6359W8,846
February 20, 1974 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6383L2,000
January 12, 1974 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 5571L9,248
February 19, 1973 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH15962L5,211
January 13, 1973 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6277L6,100
February 23, 1972 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 7980L5,134
January 15, 1972 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6477L7,200
February 24, 1971 Penn State WVU ColiseumMorgantown, WVH 10189W4,538
January 20, 1971 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7162W4,100
February 18, 1970 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5857W5,900
January 21, 1970 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6981L2,400
February 19, 1969 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 6781L5,500
January 22, 1969 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6264L2,300
January 24, 1968 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7763W6,500
January 20, 1968 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 8866W5,600
February 14, 1967 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8367W5,900
January 21, 1967 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 99102L6,100
February 16, 1966 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 81108L7,450
January 15, 1966 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7364W6,500
February 3, 1965 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7289L5,300
January 16, 1965 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7980L5,800
February 19, 1964 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7686L5,000
January 15, 1964 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8463W4,100
February 20, 1963 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 8382W 
January 16, 1963 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8973W6,000
February 20, 1962 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7960W5,000
December 16, 1961 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7967W1,500
February 21, 19619Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7168W4,000
February 14, 196110Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8078W6,000
January 9, 19603Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7573W6,000
December 12, 1959 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 10474W6,800
January 8, 195911Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA18981W5,000
December 6, 1958 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7863W6,800
February 15, 19582Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7471W6,200
December 11, 19578Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8450W6,500
February 16, 195710Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6580L6,200
December 12, 195613Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8166W6,500
February 8, 1956 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 7673W5,500
January 13, 1956 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8179W6,500
February 9, 1955 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 5884L6,000
February 2, 1955 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH16877L6,200
February 6, 1954 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6885L4,000
January 13, 1954 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 6674L4,500
February 25, 1953 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 5777L 
January 14, 1953 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 8272W7,000
February 27, 195210Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6584L6,000
February 2, 195210Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 6061L7,000
March 5, 1951 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 7268W6,400
February 10, 1951 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 6076L6,000
March 1, 1950 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5956W5,000
February 15, 1950 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 5682L4,600
December 29, 1949 Penn State Reynolds ColiseumRaleigh, NCN 4146L9,000
February 9, 1949 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4947W3,500
February 2, 1949 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5228W6,500
February 4, 1948 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 6032W6,800
January 14, 1948 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4650L3,500
February 22, 1947 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 5551W6,000
December 18, 1946 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 4037W5,000
January 16, 1946 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4845W4,000
December 8, 1945 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH14241W4,800
January 17, 1945 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 2753L 
December 16, 1944 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 3934W2,500
February 10, 1943 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4054L5,500
January 30, 1943 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 3227W2,882
February 25, 1942 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 3044L6,000
January 16, 1942 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5833W2,100
February 5, 1941 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 3529W6,000
February 28, 1940 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5155L2,008
February 7, 1940 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 2332L5,000
February 22, 1939 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4054L 
February 15, 1939 Penn State *Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH34346L 
February 19, 1938 Penn State *Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH14144L3,500
January 15, 1938 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 2933L5,000
February 17, 1937 Penn State *Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 3631W 
January 19, 1937 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 2128L5,000
February 22, 1936 Penn State *Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 5431W4,000
February 7, 1936 Penn State *Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4035W 
February 17, 1934 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 4518W 
February 18, 1933 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 3444L 
February 20, 1932 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 4233W 
February 14, 1931 Penn State Recreation HallUniversity Park, PAA 2737L3,000
January 18, 1930 Penn State Mountaineer Field HouseMorgantown, WVH 3940L 
January 18, 1921 Penn State PSU ArmoryUniversity Park, PAA 1452L 
February 27, 1920 Penn State The ArkMorgantown, WVH 2734L 
March 2, 1918 Penn State The ArkMorgantown, WVH 2635L 
March 6, 1906 Penn State WVU ArmoryMorgantown, WVH 1613W